Put a Chair in Your Bedroom

Put a Chair in Your Bedroom 1

We’ve written that your master bedroom is for sex (and part 2) and if you’re like most people, that’s probably where you do it the most. You’ve probably got all your fun sex stuff hidden away in there, ready for action… but maybe you’re missing one thing: a blowjob chair!

Of course, your bedroom chair isn’t just for oral sex. Chairs are very versatile pieces of furniture!

And you’ll find more fun things to do once the chair is in place! If you’ve got any more ideas, leave a comment.


  1. I am confused. Who sits in the chair, him or her?

    What are the characteristics of a good chair? How tall should it be? Should it be soft or firm? How wide should it be?

    Should we get two chairs so the one doesn’t look obvious?

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