Role-Playing: Professor and Student

Role-Playing: Professor and Student 1

This post is also available as a podcast: Podcast #009: Sexual Role-Playing: Professor and Student

The most common emails we get are about oral sex, but a little way down the list are questions from folks who want to incorporate role-playing in their sex life, but aren’t really sure how to get started. I wrote a post about how to do sexual role-playing, and today I’m going to give more specific tips for how to play out a professor-and-student scene. This scenario is probably the most common role-playing that Sexy Corte and I do, and maybe these ideas will get your creative juices flowing.

(If you haven’t read the how-to post yet, you might want to start there. Don’t worry… it’s normal to feel a little silly and awkward at first!)

From here on, I’m going to assume that the wife is playing the Student role, but you can easily flip it. Remember: role-playing is play. Both spouses should be comfortable and have fun, even though the play puts them in roles of power and submission.

The professor-and-student scenario is fun for several reasons:

  • Power exchange. The power dynamic between the Student and Professor is fun to inhabit. Instead of being equals, the Student (temporarily, for the purposes of fun) gives up her power in the encounter and pretends to reluctantly submit to the Professor’s sexual advances. She gets to play coy, innocent, and desperate for the Professor’s approval, while the Professor gets to play at using his power and authority to “prey” on the Student’s vulnerability.
  • Familiar emotional hooks. The emotions behind the role-play are easy to grasp, because we’ve all been in the position of the student who really needs to pass her class. She doesn’t want to get kicked out of school! What will her parents think if she fails? Will she have to repeat the class? Will she graduate? She’ll do whatever it takes to satisfy her professor, even….
  • Clear goals. The professor-and-student scenario is relatively easy to improvise because both characters have clear goals: the Student wants her grade, and the Professor wants the Student. It’s not like you’re playing a pirate or an astronaut or Hamlet. Both roles can take initiative and play into their parts without any confusion about where the scene is going. No one should need to break character or say “I don’t know”.

Ok, so how do you get started? I enjoy prompting Sexy Corte with a note early in the day. Something like this:

To: Miss Corte

Please come see me during office hours this evening around 7:30pm. We need to discuss your midterm exam.

Signed: Professor Fury

[You haven’t been doing so well in class, but you really need to pass! You might have slightly cheated on your midterm… hopefully the professor hasn’t figured it out.]

The note proposes a time and place for the scene to begin, which means we can jump right into it after the kids are in bed. The last part, in brackets, gives Miss Corte some motivation for her character so that we’re on the same page when she shows up in my office. She needs to pass the class (of course), but she also has a secret that she hopes Professor Fury doesn’t know, which might give her an extra edge of desperation if it’s revealed.

If Sexy Corte is up for the plan she’ll send me a note or text message back. We’ll probably text back and forth several times, building up the tension and arousal. After the kids are in bed I’ll go to my office and wait for Miss Corte to knock on my door. Here are a few ideas for how each role can be played once the scene begins — this isn’t a script, just some thoughts to spur your imagination!

Things the Professor can do or say:

  • Dress formally, like a professor. You are powerful and intelligent, at the top of your profession — your students tremble at your gaze.
  • Sit in your chair behind your desk. Act stern, aloof, and disappointed in the Student.
  • “I finished grading your test, and you didn’t do very well at all.”
  • “I’m disappointed that you aren’t taking my class seriously.”
  • “If you don’t improve your grade, you’re not going to pass my class.”
  • “You could lose your scholarship, and might not even graduate.”
  • “What do you intend to do about this situation?” — This line is fun, because it puts the Student in the position of having to “reluctantly” propose some sexual favor.
  • “You might be able to earn some extra credit, if…” — Trail off, as if you’re considering some options.
  • “I’m not sure you’re willing to put in the work it will take.” — Make the Student assure you that she is.
  • “Yes, I’m afraid I must insist.”
  • “You say you’re a good girl, but you need to show me.”
  • “Very well. Kneel here in front of me while I think about how to help you. I’m sure you know what to do.”
  • “Before you can bring up your grade, you need to be punished for your cheating. Bend over my knee and pull down your panties. This is for your own good.” — Spanking is always fun.
  • “How many spanks do you think you deserve?” — Make her pick a number. Does she understand how serious this situation is?
  • “Are you really trying your hardest? Is this your best effort?”
  • “You’ve done well on the oral portion of the exam.”
  • “I expect to see you in my office every week, Miss Corte.”
  • “Good girls don’t come without permission.”
  • “While you’re coming, say I’m a good girl! over and over.”

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And here are some things the Student can do or say:

  • Dress demure or slutty, depending on how you want to play the Student. Wear a dress or skirt.
  • Act worried, reluctant, and desperate. You need to pass this class, but what will it take?
  • Say “sir” or “Professor” in every sentence. He is handsome and powerful. You respect him and need his approval.
  • If you and your spouse are comfortable with it, you can protest and refuse the Professor’s insinuations and demands until he uses his power to coerce you into submission. It’s up to you both how far you want to go with this kind of power play, and you should probably discuss it beforehand and potentially use a safe word so that no one’s boundaries are crossed.
  • “Why did you want to see me, sir?”
  • “I really need to pass this class, Professor.” — Be desperate, flash your eyes, look worried.
  • “If I don’t pass, my parents will kill me, Professor!” — Be scared of the consequences.
  • “But then I might not graduate, sir.”
  • “I always try my hardest, sir.” — You really want to pass. This poor performance isn’t like you at all.
  • “What can I do to improve my grade, Professor?” — You see where this is going, but you’re reluctant.
  • “I couldn’t possibly do that, sir!” — Protest! Refuse!
  • “But I’m a good girl!” — You can’t trade your virtue for a grade… can you?
  • “Yes, professor, I’ll do whatever it takes.” — What choice do you have?
  • “I’m sorry I cheated, Professor. I want to earn back your trust.” — Submission.
  • “Thank you for correcting me, sir.”
  • “Yes sir, I’ll be your best student!”
  • “What else can I do, sir?” — You want to please him, you want to prove yourself to him.
  • “I’m a good girl, sir! I’m a good girl!”

Afterwards, break the scene and leave your roles. The game is over (for now), so go back to being your normal selves. Have a good cuddle. Talk about your favorite parts of the scene, and stay positive. Later on, after the glow wears off, discuss anything you didn’t like and wouldn’t choose to do again. If your spouse really liked some element that wasn’t your favorite, negotiate and compromise and find the common ground that works for your marriage.

Have you ever role-played as professor-and-student with your spouse? How do you play it? Leave a comment!

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  1. My wife has always had a thing for professors. She is a strict Catholic who was a virgin when we married, but she admitted to me that she had an extreme crush on one college professor and spent a lot of time in his office–and would have given him her virginity if he had initiated sex. She says she trie to send him signals, but he never took the lead, and (fortunately) she was afraid to do so.

    I used to teach college part-time–one of the things that she found attractive–and after about a year of marriage I planned a professor-student role-play in which she participated enthusiastically! Here is that true story:

    First I bought her a pleated skirt that was too short and a blouse that showed too much cleavage. All she knew was that she was the student and she had to wear that outfit and come to my “office.” When she knocked and I said to come in to our bedroom she saw I had pulled a desk out of the corner into the middle of the room. I sat behind the desk in a sports coat and tie, rocking in a comfy desk chair. She had a hard wooden chair to sit on in front of the desk. I welcomed her and offered her a seat and told her she was a “good girl” for responding to my request for a conference. But I then told her that the reason for the conference was that she had been a “bad girl” about her studies, and especially my literature class. The last essay she had written was totally inadequate; I doubted she had even read the play–Shakespeare’s “Taming of the Shrew, ” (which famously includes a spanking). I told her she was very smart and could be an excellent student but was not applying herself. She was on the verge of failing the course, which would mean she would not graduate on time at the end of the semester–which would mean she would have to come back in the fall and pay more tuition. “So what do you have to say for yourself?” I asked.

    She appeared on the verge of tears. She said she had to graduate this semester so she could get a good job. She could not afford any more tuition. She apologized profusely and admitted she had not read the play and had done a terrible job on the essay. She begged for another chance, to be able to read the play and write a new essay.

    I reminded her that I had a strict policy of not accepting late work, and it would be unfair to the other students if I allowed her to turn the essay in late. She begged and pleaded and said she would stay up all that night and turn it in the next day. I refused. Eventually she said, “I’ll do anything.”
    “Anything?” I asked with something of a leer.
    “Anything, Sir,” she said flirtatiously.
    I told her to stand up. I pulled her chair to the side and ordered her to bend forward over the desk, placing her hands and elbows upon it. Her mini skirt rode up so high that her panties showed. I tsked, tsked at her immodesty. Slowly and carefully I lifted her skirt so that her entire pantied bottom was visible. She gasped as I enjoyed the view. Then ever so slowly I tucked my fingers into the waistband of her panties and gently rolled them down to her knees. She begged “No” and gasped repeatedly. I told her to stick her bottom out and she did so; her obedience was stunning and sexy (for real). One of the coolest things about this roleplay is that it was totally unrehearsed, so my wife truly did not know what I was going to do next. That heightened her arousal.

    I told her she needed to be punished and I was going to spank her.
    “Please, no, Sir,” she begged.
    “You said you would do anything,” I replied.
    “But do you have to spank me?”
    “I’m afraid so,” I said. “And you need to ask for it.”
    She hesitated for several moments as I made a point of ogling her beautiful bare bottom. Eventually she relented and said, “Please spank me, Professor, for not reading the play and for not turning my essay in on time.”
    I began spanking her lightly, alternating hand spanks on each cheek. She wriggled and gasped and gave little yelps of (supposed) pain and stomped her legs. She was definitely putting on a show for her professor. After a couple dozen slaps of my hand I let it linger on her globes. She shivered and wriggled under my touch. I slowly let my fingers slide between her legs.

    “Oh no, please don’t,” she gasped. But she did not try to move away. I noisily unzipped my pants as she gasped and begged “No” again. Soon my cock replaced my fingers. She begged no again as I started to enter her but made no effort to rise from the desk, and in fact pushed her bottom back against me.

    We had explosive sex with the most forceful orgasms of our marriage up until then (and possibly still). Whether coincidence or not, we came together, which is rare for us (I usually hold off until she comes first.) Afterwards we cuddled and talked about how much we loved it. She said it was just like she had imagined it with the professor she had a crush on.

    Unfortunately we have not tried to repeat the roleplay because we both think it couldn’t possibly be as exciting as the first time. Maybe some day we will try another professor-student roleplay with somewhat different circumstances. We have a great sex life, but I still find that to be our hottest interaction. I have “made” her wear the blouse and mini skirt (and bend over without panties on) for other sexual escapades.

  2. I know some women who compromised and gave their husbands blowjobs before marriage. Some have told me that they would role play to distance themselves from the act. It was easier for both of them to justify premarital sex, even oral, if they were role playing.

    My husband and I role play often. It spices things up and I like how I can give my husband the illusion of being with other women.

    He really likes pretending to be a man about to go off to WWII, begging his girlfriend for sex. She offers oral sex, which he does not even know what it is. He also likes the idea of being an American officer in WWII and a European woman tries to seduce him for protection. My husband really likes the idea of a woman begging a man to allow her to suck him off.

    I know other women who really really really really dislike giving their husbands blowjobs. They don’t want to be bad wives who refuse to please their husbands. They have found that role play does make things easier. It disguises the fact that she doesn’t really want to do it since whatever character she is playing usually isn’t 100% eager to suck it. Imagining that the man is a rock star or a famous politician makes it easier for her to get on her knees for him. He might not like that she has to pretend he is someone else to do it, but most men will get over anything if it results in getting sucked off.

    Role play also enables sexual buildup and foreplay as the couple get into character. It also gives the man something to think about to delay ejaculation. And it gives the woman something to talk about when she needs a short break from sucking him. I know I have struggled with that.

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