How To Give Your Husband a Topless Haircut

How To Give Your Husband a Topless Haircut 1

We’re pretty frugal and my hair is simple, so Sexy Corte cuts my hair for me on a regular basis. (I don’t blame her for not requesting that I return the favor.) I’m sure many wives do the same, so here’s an idea for making the chore a little more entertaining.

  1. Tell him you’ll cut his hair after the kids go to bed, and that he’ll get a special treat. Tease him all day, but don’t give away your plan.
  2. Sit him in the chair, wrap him in a towel, and then take off your top. Don’t be shy, take off as much as you want. He won’t complain.
  3. Tell him to hold still and keep his hands on the towel. He can look as much as he wants, but no touching!
  4. Give him a good show — stretch, twist, reach, and bounce in his face.
  5. When he’s squirming in agony, accidentally brush your breasts across his shoulder or face. Oops!
  6. When you’re done, bring him the mirror. “Do you like what you see? Would you like to see it from behind? Is my job finished? Are you going to give me a tip?”
  7. Proceed to your favorite flavor of chair sex.

I’m sure SC isn’t the only amateur barber! Does anyone else have a story to share about sexing up a chore?

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  1. I tell women to routinely rub your breasts against their husbands like a cat. For example if you are standing in line waiting, pass your arm through his and press your boob against the back of his arm. He will love it and it tells all the other women that he is yours and don’t think about tempting him

    1. Marriage Coach,
      I tell husbands to routinely rub his body parts against the wife, when they are standing in line somewhere. The wife will really love this . It also sends signals to others that he is interested in his wife .

  2. Yup you’re right SC isn’t the only amateur barber.

    Your advice + suggestions are wonderful. Different from what my girl does but wonderful. Let’s face it there’s a million things a wife can do with the haircut situation and well they’re all gonna be beautiful. But yeah topless is gonna work fine. For this guy, the situation just drips with “I love you, I’m gonna care for you, I’m gonna groom you just for my own personal private self + my own satisfaction, I’m thinking about all the things about you that I love … Maybe I’ll just HAVE you … etc etc etc.” Intimacy in real life!!

    What guy isn’t gonna jump, melt, etc for that!?!

      1. For hair? Brushing hair, definitely. Or just smoothing/running his hands through it. It’s both incredibly relaxing and stimulating.

        For the tease/build-up, I would say sensual massage. Plenty of squirming and fun, and a huge turn on, especially if paired with some sexy talk.

        1. I like the idea of brushing hair. How about washing hair?

          Massage is frequently mentioned, but Sexy Corte doesn’t seem to get turned on by them. Maybe I’m doing it wrong?

      2. This is such a tricky question El Fury! Every woman is so so different. What works for one girl isn’t going to work for them all. Women aren’t quite as visually stimulated as guys are. Although, it is a lot of fun to watch your husband do the kinds of things he want you to do for him. So fun! ;D A woman is likely going to be more visually turned on if she sees herself and her husband being intimate.

        As far as fun turn ons…yeah…any guy that is standing at the sink doing dishes is gonna get it later. It doesn’t just have to be dishes, but a guy can do any chore that their wives don’t like. If you want to try and do the sexy thing like the hair cutting, then the guy could do it without a shirt on, or in something their wife thinks is really attractive.

        When it comes to actual hair play, I don’t have a suggestion. I have super super curly hair, so I only brush my hair once a day and it is not a fun task. On occasion, I ask my husband to brush my hair, but it turns into a huge puff ball, so I don’t feel at all attractive after he does. This is not going to be a source of foreplay by any means for me.

        I’m like sexy corte, I don’t do the massage thing. My skin is so sensitive, that it really just annoys me to be rubbed like that. If I want a massage, it’s because my muscles are sore. Those types of massages are never fun.

        I would say that it is really sexy when a husband does something for his wife that he doesn’t like all that much, but he does it just for her. I love to dance, but my husband doesn’t like it so much. However, he has started dancing with me a lot more in the recent years. It is huge for me that he does that.

        Touching your wife through sheer clothing might be a big turn on. Women’s erogenous zones are not as easy to find as they are on guys. I would just suggest she put on a silky outfit of some kind and let you rub all over her using different pressures until you find a spot and pressure she likes.

        That is all I got at this point. :D

        1. Keelie wrote: “As far as fun turn ons…yeah…any guy that is standing at the sink doing dishes is gonna get it later. It doesn’t just have to be dishes, but a guy can do any chore that their wives don’t like.”

          I’m planning a post on “choreplay”, but I’m thinking we may see differently on it!

    1. Can some of the men who are reading here, suggest things the husband can do to turn wives on? We like for our husbands to do these kinds of things to us.

      1. See Keelie’s suggestions above! I’d be curious for more examples as well, so that I can treat Sexy Corte sometime..

  3. I have a bald head and simply use clippers to keep it short. Topless haircuts are for amateurs. Heather sheers me fully nekkid.

    Heather. like Keelie, has very thick, naturally curly hair. I don’t even try to brush it. But I love jumping in the shower with her to shampoo her. I use more poo than is necessary but I love the suds cascading down her body and giving her a full body poo massage.

    I also am Heather’s Nethers personal groomer. She doesn’t really love me using sharp, cutting implements down there but she loves how the tongue finds the good stuff easier without all the bushes in the way. I saw a cartoon once titled, “That will never happen.” with a woman standing in the bathroom, holding a strait razor, and yelling to her husband, “Honey, I’m bored. Come shave my pussy!” So when Heather gets bushy, at some point, I will either ask, “Are you bored?” or she’ll simply say, “Babe, I’m bored.” That’s the signal for good times.

  4. Please add some tips that husbands can do for their wives. Contrary to what some die e about women, we actually are usual too. It turns us on to see mens bodies too. Really we but everyone shames women to not like what we like.

  5. Great ideas! Chair sex would a great grand finale! That said I think I would have too much pent up desire the first time my wife would try this to finish with chair sex. I would be so overwhelmed that she was doing this that once she was ready for intercourse I would quickly bend her over the nearest suitable piece of furniture and take her from behind. :-)

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