How to Use Wand Vibrators

How to Use Wand Vibrators 1

Sexy Corte has written about egg vibrators previously, and they’re definitely our most-used sex toys. However, egg vibrators aren’t ideal for every situation! Sometimes the little egg just doesn’t give you enough to hold on to, and in those situations you need to have a wand vibrator handy. There are a lot of different brands, but really only three key features that we’ve come across:

  • Rechargable. Get a model with a built-in rechargeable battery. Plug-in vibrators never run out of power, but the cords just get in the way when you’re using them.
  • Variable power. Every model we’ve seen has a variable power setting, but make sure you don’t buy one without.
  • Standard size head. Check the size of the massaging head and make sure it matches the “standard” size of the Hitachi Magic Wand. Hitachi doesn’t even make the Magic Wand “massager” anymore, but all the vibrator accessories you’ll find will be sized to fit this classic sex toy.

Here are some tips for getting the most out of your wand vibrator.

  • Reach. A wand vibrator can be used in positions that don’t work with an egg, like doggy style. It’s hard for the husband to reach all the way around to keep an egg in place, but with a wand vibrator the wife can hold it in place herself. Any sort of rear penetration position can benefit from the enhanced reach of a wand vibrator.
  • Duration and diffusion. The head of a wand vibrator is a lot larger than an egg vibrator, which can be good or bad. It’s bad if the wife needs focused power on her clitoris to reach orgasm, because the wand vibrator may not be direct enough even if it’s powerful. However, for teasing games or bondage sessions that are intended to last a while, the larger vibration area of the wand head can be less intense and more pleasant.
  • Accessories. There are a ton of accessories for “standard” wand vibrators! Some of them look quite… alien… but there’s certainly no lack of variety to explore.

wand vibrator accessories 1

wand vibrator accessories 2There are even accessories for husbands!

wand vibrator accessories 3


So even if you have an egg vibrator, a wand vibrator is a completely different toy and well worth picking up. If you’ve got any questions, tips, or recommendations please leave them in the comments!

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  1. I can never understand why a wife would use a wand or a vibrator. Aren’t we supposed to have sex with each other within our relationship? Or perhaps I am seeing this from a man’s point of view only? Masturbation is suspect in my view as a man needs to imagine a woman to do it. That’s why they often do it to porn. If it is your wife that is okay but if she is around what is the point unless you have to be away a long time at work or something. Does this work differently for a woman? Does she feel sexual feeling using a wand without imagining a man doing it? Just curious.

    1. My wife and I do play with various toys pretty frequently. Vibrators like this can come in very handy under multiple circumstances. I don’t see anything at all wrong with using whatever you have at your disposal to make your sexual experience even better. Play. Have fun. Enjoy each other!

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