Best Christian Sex Links of the Week

Best Christian Sex Links of the Week 1

It’s that time of month again! No, not that time. The time to share awesome Christian sex links!

Periods… it’s both your probs — A week of blow jobs and shower sex.

3 Reasons I Delight in Giving My Husband Oral — Yeah, I put this on top because I know you’ll click it.

An intimate gift for Hubby — “Wives, if you want to give Hubby a really intimate and special treat, allow him to watch you masturbate, all the way to orgasm.” Here are a few tips about masturbating for your husband.

Are You Thinking Sexy Thoughts About Someone Other Than Your Spouse? — James 1:14-15 warns about the progression from temptation, to sin, to death. Be wary of opposite sex friends. Fallen as we are, temptation is to be expected. Prepare for it by nurturing your marriage so that temptation cannot take root and grow into sin, by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Intimacy in Marriage’s top sex posts of all time — Shockingly, only one post explicitly about oral sex!

Ban “I don’t know/I don’t care” from your bedroom — And a few other tips, but this is my favorite.

Are you sexually alive? — Your bodies are an amusement park of orgasms, and nothing is sexier than enthusiasm.

“How do I get my turn?” — Asked by a wife, but could be asked by a husband as well. Each spouse needs to take responsibility for asking for what he/she wants and making sure the other spouse gets what she/he desires. If you don’t ask or you don’t give then fix yourself first!

Have sex twice in one day — For us this is usually Sunday, for whatever reason. See also our posts on double features for him and her.

Why do some women shake when they orgasm? — Sexy Corte does, and it drives me crazy. Let go of your inhibitions and amplify your responsiveness during sex.

Choosing to enjoy what she enjoys — It’s about pecan pie, but applies to sex, too. Maybe the thing your spouse loves isn’t your favorite, but you can choose (and learn) to enjoy it as a blessing to her.

One way to help women feel more “in the mood” — Hint: foreplay begins long before sex. Try one of our sex games to get things started. I’m working on a post like this, but aimed at turning on your wife.

If you’ve got a thought or link to share, do it! Do it!

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  1. Hi, wondering if you can share your thoughts on (male) masturbation in marriage.
    I masturbate- on occasions such as period and when I know we won’t have sex. Do you think it’s ok? My wife knows and said she doesn’t mind because She knows I have needs.
    Just wondering your take on this.
    Thanks EF,

    1. Hi J,

      Opinions on this topic vary widely, so I would encourage you to follow the conviction of the Holy Spirit.

      That said, consult the “Can we *blank*?” criteria. If it involves only you and your spouse, is consensual, is part of a sex life that leads to mutual satisfaction, and is done in faith, then there you go.

      That said, we’d encourage you and your wife to consider working together in these circumstances rather than for you to masturbate alone. There are many relatively easy ways for your wife to participate, ranging from merely being present with you, to using her hand, or her mouth, etc.

      1. Thanks, so what would she do while ‘merely being present’? Just watch me?

        On another note, how would you recommend I best make contact with her clitoris (with my penis) during penis in vagina intercourse?

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