How to Admire Your Husband’s Penis

How to Admire Your Husband's Penis 1

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Men often have as much body shame as women do, even though it’s not as acceptable for a man to admit it. As I wrote in my previous post about making the most of the size you’ve got, it’s common for a man to worry that his penis isn’t as big, attractive, hard, or potent as it “should” be — according to the standards society imposes through the media. Even aside from pornography — which is a whole problem of its own — simple family sitcoms make frequent penis jokes at the expense of husbands and imply that wives crave a body type that most men don’t possess and can’t attain.

So, the previous post gave some practical tips for husbands and wives to make the most of the penis they share, and in this post I’m going to give some suggestions for how a wife can build her husband up by admiring his penis. Even if your husband has never expressed any anxiety about his penis, I assure you that he takes his member very seriously. Even more than his semen, a man’s penis represents his male power, virility, and essence. These ideas are guaranteed to make your husband more confident, happy, and affectionate (in and out of bed).

  • Don’t be afraid of it. Hopefully your husband is keeping his penis clean (and possibly shaving), so don’t be afraid to get right up close. If you’re uncomfortable around his penis then he’s definitely going to notice and feel self-conscious. The primary way to overcome this aversion is to familiarize yourself with it, whether in a sexual context or otherwise. Look at his penis, touch it, handle it, talk about it, play with it, get to know it. Make friends with your husband’s penis — it’s your penis, too!
  • Physical touch. This probably goes without saying, but your husband loves it when you touch his penis. Don’t touch it reluctantly or hesitantly — be enthusiastic! Use your hands and mouth, of course, but don’t hesitate to use other body parts, too. Your face, neck, breasts, stomach, and butt are all very intimate areas that you can rub against your husband’s penis to show your desire for it. “Can I play with you while we watch TV?” will send your husband through the roof.
  • Admire its physicality. Tell your husband how much you love his penis. Be sincere — what do you like about it? This is a super-easy way for a wife to initiate sex. Examples:
    • “I love how you fill me up”
    • “I love how you feel inside me”
    • “You’re so hard!”
    • “You taste so good”
    • “It feels so good when you slide into me”
    • “Just looking at you gets me so wet”
    • “You’re making my mouth water!”
    • Important note: don’t tell him his penis is big unless it actually is; men know, and if you lie about this it will simply undermine everything else you say.
  • Ask for it before sex. Just like women, men want to be wanted. Even if the husband initiates sex most of the time (which seems common), the wife can validate him by expressing her desire for his penis. Here are a few examples:
    • “I need you inside me right now”
    • “My body is aching for you”
    • “Go slow, I want to feel every inch of you”
    • “Please fill me up!”
    • “I can’t wait to wrap my lips around you”
    • “I’ve been wanting to taste you all day”
    • “I can’t wait to swallow you”
  • Responsiveness during sex. That link can give you some general tips for responding to your spouse during sex. Here are some ways to specifically respond to your husband’s penis:
    • Act like it hurts a little. Not enough to make him stop or worry, but a little moaning and groaning when he enters will go a long way. If he hesitates, just tell him, “No, don’t stop! It feels amazing!”
    • Moaning and groaning in general are sexy. I’m not suggesting that a wife should act deceptivelysimply that you should verbalize the pleasure you’re feeling.
    • “You’re so big!” — again, if he is.
    • “I feel so complete when you’re in me”
    • “You feel so warm inside me”
    • “You feel so hard inside me”
    • “Pound me harder!”
    • “My body feels so full!”
    • “Yes! I’ve needed this all day”
    • “I love feeling you so deep in me”
    • “I can feel you shooting inside me”
  • Show appreciation after sex. Tell your husband how much you enjoyed his penis.
    • “I can’t believe that fit inside me” — again, if plausible.
    • “I’m going to be sore for a while after that!”
    • “I can’t wait to get you inside me again”
    • “Let me lick you off”
    • “You hit me just right inside”
    • “I feel so empty inside without you in there”
  • Enjoy his semen. Read that link for details. Accepting your husband’s semen goes right along with enjoying his penis.

Wives, I predict that if you use one of these ideas each day you’ll have a huge positive effect on your husbands!

Do you have a tip to share? Husbands, is there anything you like to hear from your wife? Leave a comment below.

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  1. Married 33 years my husband is a manly man that loves to walk around the house naked and clean. This is my invite from him to me to come and join him. I was so foolish years back. I would never take the hint. To be honest I missed out on a lot of pleasure because I was so prim and proper. No way would a nice pure church organist and Christian school teacher put her face and mouth near this huge man penis! But he’s so nice to me. His mouth and tongue work magic on my tiny bits and it feels so good and I feel so loved when he gives me oral. His Semen may be deposited any were he pleases.

  2. I love giving my husband oral, but I’m still hesitant to bring him to orgasm this way. Honestly, I’m afraid that if he comes in my mouth that I may respond in a way that may hurt his feelings, and I would never want to do that. How can I get my mind ready so that I will respond in a way that will make him feel loved and like a king?

    1. Sharon,

      You already have the biggest advantage working for you – that of a positive attitude towards giving your husband oral sex. As well, you want to please him and not hurt his feelings so you are very considerate to start with.

      Consciously cultivating a positive mental attitude towards his semen is a good place to start. Recognize that any fears or concerns are in your mind and you can choose to let go of them. Do not over think this. It does take some practice and experience to be able to receive his ejaculation comfortably and easily. But, this can happen rather quickly, like after a few to several attempts. You might want to discuss this with your husband and tell him that you would like to let him ejaculate (cum) in your mouth but this is going to be a new experience for you and you may at first be a little awkward and lack confidence with it. Hearing of your willingness to do this will likely make him feel loved and like a king. (The actual semen will feel a little warm to you and may taste salty to bitter sweet. But, it is unlikely to cause you to retch or anything so extreme. Keep the head of his penis just inside your mouth and a hand on his shaft so that the semen won’t gag you as it spurts into your mouth. Do ask him when you start to warn you when he is close to climaxing. Being ready for it helps the wife to accept the semen more easily.)

      My final piece of advice that I give to wives is not to delay your attempting this. The sooner you try this the better for both you and your husband. The greater the delay the more time you have to worry and fret over this which is not good. Don’t worry about how well you do in accepting his semen the first few times. Enthusiasm is much more important than technique in oral sex! If it helps, you can read blog posts by wives on giving oral sex to your husband, or read more on this blog, or even search on our blog with the terms oral sex.
      Larry Z B recently posted…so much blather about gender roles in marriageMy Profile

  3. An extra tip for the wives:

    Something that can be done while clothed is when the couple are standing with the wife in front and the husband’s arms around her waist she can grind her behind against his groin. This can be a fun thing to do in a subtle and unnoticed manner when kids or other people are around.

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