How to Spank Your Wife

How to Spank Your Wife 1

Should you spank your wife?  Of course!  I highly recommend it.  Sex starts long before penetration, and spanking is a fun way to build sexual tension. Spanking is a power move, a move of possession, and a not-so-subtle way for you as the husband to prime the sexual pump and set expectations.  A smack on the ass says you are my woman, prepare to be boarded.

So how to do it right?

  • I love to pat Sexy Corte’s butt whenever it is in reach.  She has a fantastic rear, and I feel like it deserves to be touched and admired. These love-taps are pretty expected by now, to the point where I sometimes catch myself doing them in public.  Haven’t had a complaint yet!
  • When there’s time for a kiss, you can escalate with a spank.  This always gets a friendly wiggle and purr.  Feel free to grab a cheek while you’re down there if the kiss lingers.
  • If you really want to get your wife’s attention, spank her a bit harder so she jumps and lets out an “oh!”  If she turns back to you with a how dare you look (real or pretend) just smile and say something naughty.  “I have got to have that ass later tonight.”
  • And don’t forget to celebrate Spanksgiving!

Spanking as foreplay works great, especially when it’s an unexpected surprise.  Spanking is also a great accent move for when you’re having sex, but it doesn’t work in Missionary Position.  Here are some ideas:

  • Wife on top.  No matter which way she’s facing you should be able to work in a few spanks just as she’s reaching orgasm.
  • Doggy-style gives you clear access to your target, and this is already a powerful position for the husband. Avoid the temptation to go overboard.
  • Wife standing, bent over.  This position is great for quickies, and a spank is great for getting a reaction if your wife is trying to be quiet because you’re being naughty in a semi-public place.

Arousal and orgasm generally increase a woman’s pain threshold, and she might enjoy a little more force when you’re in the throes of passion.  As always, communicate.

Do you and your spouse spank?  Got any tips to share?

Update, this evening:

After getting the kids out of the tub, Sexy Corte caught me in our room getting ready to shower.  She said “how about a quickie?” so I laid on the floor and she started riding me.  She must have liked this post because she said, “Don’t forget to spank me!”  Solid.


  1. My wife is not switched on by spanking I realised, but I am. Tips on spanking are go for the lower half of the buttocks and maybe a little bit on tops of the thighs. Be led by the spankee as to how hard. Keep mainly to the cheeks. Warm up gently with the hand until the spankee asks for it a bit harder. If your hand usually hurts switch to a light leather paddle or light paddle brush. Really for success listen to the spankee.

    1. Good tips. If your wife isn’t that “into it”, how did you two get started? How often is it a part of your sexual routine? Does your wife tolerate it for your enjoyment, or has she come to enjoy it?

      1. We are a couple in our late fortys and have in the last couple of years discovered the joys and imence pleasure of spanking. I am the spanker and my wife the spankee. It’s a totally erotic thing, purely sexual and senseual and combined with loving caressing touching it has become a regular item on our menu. But mostly when we are away from home because of noise and kids. But great hotel sex.

      2. Sorry I didn’t see your question a little bit over a year ago. We got started because I always had a draw to it. I don’t know why. Sometimes my mind wandered out of the marriage towards adverts in a paper about spanking. I knew this was wrong and that it would be better if my wife actually did it so one day I asked her and she did it to my amazement. She has divulged since that she is comfortable with it, so it works very well in our marriage and I am no longer tempted to look at stuff. I am very grateful to her and it makes me feel very close to her.

        1. Marraige is great and long but my more religious and moral wife has paddled my naked butt every so often for too much drinking and carousing with my guy friends—No argument fro me i got it coming Its bare assed and it hurts like crazy!

  2. Surely you should ask her first. I hate being spanked and thankfully my husband has never shown any inclination to do it. If she likes it, great, but ASK her. For me, it’s a definite turn off.

  3. Of course a wife should be asked if she wants it. That is common sense. There’s nothing worse than a husband using his wife against her will. You gather I don’t believe in domestic discipline although some wives want this. I think it is probably a kind of game. For it to be real discipline doesn’t sit with marriage for me. She is not a child. Keeping it as sex makes much more sense for me. I did gently try it on my wife to see if she liked it but I discerned that it is not her thing. I would only get pleasure from it if she liked it (as I do) and not just putting up with it.

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