Some Less Explicit Links You Can Share With Your Friends 2

Did you know that the world’s top ten websites attract more than 60% of all internet traffic, and that the share of readers captured by the top 1,000 sites is growing every month while other websites shrink?

I mention these oh-so-exciting statistics because it really means a lot to us when our readers share our site with their friends. We don’t run ads to attract new readers, and we don’t have ads here on our site. We link to lots of other blogs but we get very few links in return (please tell us if you link to us!). We don’t sell anything or partner with affiliates; we don’t want your money. We don’t want fame or recognition, which is why we’re pseudonymous.

Our only purpose with this blog is to glorify God by edifying marriage and encouraging married couples to have awesome sex. Sexy Corte and I view this website as one of our primary ministries. By God’s grace we’ve reached way over 4 million people — thousands per day — and we’ve personally helped many hundreds of readers.

The only way we can reach new people is for you to share our site. Search engines send people looking for advice on sex and marriage to the same ten or hundred places every time, and they aren’t Christian resources.

We understand that sharing a sex site with your friends might be awkward! Here are a few links you can share that aren’t as explicit as most of our site.

Thanks for reading this far! We hope our blog and podcast are a blessing to your marriage.

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3,000 Subscribers and 4 Million Views! 3

Sexy Corte and I launched this blog on May 13th, 2014, and over this past weekend we hit two milestones: 3,000 subscribers and 4 million page views! We view this blog as a ministry, and it’s very gratifying to be used by God to reach so many people with our simple message: God wants your sex life with your spouse to be awesome!

If this ministry has been valuable to you and your marriage, please consider sharing our blog with your friends and family. If you have a website or blog, please consider linking to us. I know… awkward! Here are a few links that might be easier to share because they aren’t as explicit as most of our content.

Thank you for your emails and comments over the years. If you haven’t subscribed yet, you can find the button in our left sidebar right under the search box — we never send spam or share your info with anyone. We pray for our readers frequently, and we hope that God blesses your marriages over this holiday season.

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Updated Vision and Mission for Married Christian Sex Ministry 4

Sexy Corte and I have updated the Vision and Mission for the Married Christian Sex Ministry, which primarily consists of this blog. This may not be of interest to many readers, but we want to share our thinking and get feedback if you have any ideas!

The Vision describes what we want to be and accomplish. The Mission describes how we will make our vision a reality.


The Married Christian Sex Ministry will glorify God, edify the institution of marriage, and encourage married couples to nurture and grow their sex life together.


  • Explain how Biblical concepts can be applied to sex in marriage.
  • Share fun, exciting, and challenging sex ideas for couples to try.
  • Encourage married couples to invest in their sex life to make it the best it can be through honest communication and bold action.
  • Answer questions from readers with Bible-based sex advice, and pray for readers and their marriages.

This blog has received over 3.5 million views since we started exactly six years ago! That’s not huge, but we’re still very excited to see and hear how God is using this ministry to build up marriages. Thank you for being part of it.

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Happy New Year 2020: Share Your Best of 2019 5

Happy New Year to all our readers! We hope your Christmas was amazing and that 2020 is a blessed year for your marriage. Thank you for reading our blog and for sharing your experiences and challenges with us. If you enjoy our blog or podcast please share them with a friend!

It’s incredibly gratifying to hear from our readers, whether it’s in celebration or heartbreak. Please use this comment thread to share your best sexual experience from 2019 and any sexual goals you may have for your marriage in 2020.

We’ll go first!

Best sexual experience from 2019: Having sex on a paddle-boat in a lake after midnight under a full moon. The whole night was amazingly intimate, and the lake sex topped it off.

Sexual goals for 2020: Learning for El Fury to give and Sexy Corte to receive orgasms more easily in a greater variety of positions. We’re making progress on this existing goal, and we’re going to continue in 2020.

Your turn! (If you don’t see the comments section, scroll all the way down on the individual post and click “load comments”.)

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Requesting Feedback from our Readers 6

We would really appreciate it if you took the time to give us some feedback, either by email or in the comment section below. (Scroll all the way down and click “Load Comments”.) Feedback is a gift, whether it’s positive or negative — as long as it’s something we can use to improve ourselves.

We are eager to hear any of your feedback, but there are a few areas we’re particularly curious about. If you’d like, you can cut-and-paste the questions below into a comment and then leave your answers.

  1. What should we start, continue, or stop doing?
  2. What has been your favorite, most memorable, or most useful post?
  3. What do you think of the podcast? Do you listen to it?
  4. What makes you want to leave a comment? Can you find the “Load Comments” button at the bottom of every post?
  5. Have you ever shared our site with a friend? If not… is it because the topic is embarrassing? How could we be more shareable?
  6. If you have a blog, podcast, or website of your own, have you linked to us? How could we earn a link from you?
  7. How has affected your marriage and sex life?
  8. Anything else we should know?

Thanks in advance! If you’d like to receive an update when we write a new post, use the “Subscribe to blog via email” field on the left sidebar — we never use your email address for any other purpose.

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Happy Valentine's Day to Our One Million Readers! 7

Happy Valentine’s Day! Do something sweet and sexy for your spouse, even if your schedule and energy are dominated by your kids and responsibilities. Sexy Corte made me an awesome Valentine card from construction paper, and I’m cooking chili tonight for a special dinner — mostly special because she  doesn’t have to cook.

Coincidentally, I just checked our stats and we’re sure to hit One Million total readers today! It’s 999,897, and I’m eager to watch it roll into seven digits. We really enjoy writing for you (and for ourselves), so thanks for dropping by. Don’t hesitate to shoot us an email (links are on the left) or leave a comment.

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The site was down briefly yesterday, but if you’re reading this then you know it’s back up now. There was some sort of problem with the auto-renewal setting of the domain name. Thanks to everyone who sent us a message to tell us about the error — it would have taken longer to resolve otherwise.

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Top Christian Sex Posts of 2015 8

The new year is fully upon us, so how about a round-up of our top sex posts from 2015? This list isn’t necessarily just the posts that have gotten the most hits, it also includes posts that received a lot of comments or shares. We’d love for you to share some of these links with your friends!

Thanks for being a part of our community for the past two years. If you like what you find here please share the site with a friend!

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