Sex On Vacation: Be Prepared

Sex On Vacation: Be Prepared 1

The holidays are hectic, and doubly so if you’re going on vacation — maybe triple if you’re going to visit family. With everything going on at the last minute before you walk out the door, sex may be the last thing on your mind… but you’re not going to abstain while you’re gone, are you? Are you? I sure hope not. Travel sex is some of the best sex, but take a few minutes to get prepared before you leave.

A lot depends on where you’ll be staying. If it’s just you and your spouse staying at a hotel, the preparation will be a lot easier than if you’re sharing a room with your kids in your parents’ basement. Here’s a checklist to help you out:

  • Set expectations. Hopefully you’re both expecting to make love on your trip, but when and where? If the babies wake up at the crack of dawn, you may need to retire early to have some time together before you go to sleep. If the kids nap, then maybe you can grab a quickie in the afternoon. If your family stays up till midnight watching movies, you may try to rise early together. If you don’t make a plan, you may end up with one horny spouse expecting some lovin’ at midnight while the other collapses into bed exhausted. In addition to the timing, figure out where you can have sex, and for how long. The wife will probably need more time, comfort, and privacy to have an orgasm than her husband will, so husbands, don’t just plan on quickies for the whole trip and leave her frustrated.
  • Lube. It may not be absolutely necessary, but it will probably make the wife’s orgasm a lot easier. If you’re in a pinch, you might be able to borrow some lotion from your family for your “dry hands”.
  • Sex rags. Bring a few of your own washcloths in your suitcase to clean up after sex. If you’re staying at a hotel this probably isn’t an issue, but do you want your mother-in-law grossing out when she does the laundry after you leave?
  • Sex toys. These will definitely depend on your circumstances. It might be hard to use a vibrator while your kids sleep on the floor next to your bed and your parents are a foot away on the other side of the wall. However, in situations like these you might need to have sex in places other than your sleeping area anyway, and that means that a vibrator might come in very handy to get her off quickly. If you’re doing it in the bathroom you can cover the noise with the exhaust fan. If you “drive to the store” a vibrator can really help in the confines of a car. Speed is often important during family vacation sex, so don’t forget your vibrator. Important tip: take the batteries out before you pack it… otherwise it might turn itself on in your suitcase. That’s fun to explain when your family notices!
  • Portable door lock. Finding privacy can be hard, especially if you’re staying with family and their doors don’t lock.
  • Just do it! When you’re on vacation don’t make excuses, make opportunities!

Do you have any tips for vacation sex? How do you prepare?

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  1. Great article about things to think about when traveling. You bring up many good points.

    The children no longer go on vacations with us but when they did, we planned. I sometimes would find motels with divided walls between the bedrooms or separate bedrooms altogether. One year I totally forgot to find these kinds of rooms. That was really, really bad because all my husband has to do is rub up against me in bed and he’s “bothered”. I needed to take care of the situation. We decided to make the bathroom our place of rendezvous. We waited until the wee morning hours because the kids were on the net until about 2am. Early morning worked well too. It’s hard to get the teenagers up in the morning anyways. The best vibrator to bring would be the Siri by Lelo. It’s quiet as a mouse and will never power up by accident. Don’t forget to bring the charger too. We leave all the other sex toys at home. I always bring lingerie that can be squeezed into a small area and still not wrinkle. I leave the heels and other accessories at home.

    We now travel without the children. It’s so much fun! It is “yes” every night. It is so exciting to have new surroundings every night. I’m into great ambience. We’ve stayed at B&B’s too. It’s all good.

    1. It seems like it would be *really* difficult to have sex with teenagers around. Everything will be easier once those darn kids are gone :)

      1. Can you hear me celebrating from all the way over here? I love our young adults (no longer kids) but I’m ready for them to leave and cleave.

    2. Siri, vibrate, SIRI!, more intense. SSSSirrrrrri, f-f-f-faster. Sss…Sssss..Sssssss….UNF. Oh, you’re not talking about THAT Siri. Never mind. My bad.

  2. We don’t have kids yet, but my husband and I live with his parents and brother so I constantly feel the confines and pressures of trying to be intimate in a full house. However, this has taught us to be creative and manage our time well. This Christmas we’re going to visit my family for two weeks. While we visit my family, we always try to make a point to have a mini vacation in the middle of our vacation because my grandparents own a cabin in the mountains. For this vacation, we’ll actually be staying at the cabin during our anniversary toward the end of our trip. Will be really nice to have some “quality time” without any family members around.

    Personal cleansing wipes you can toss when you’re done work well too.

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