Edge-of-the-Bed Sex Positions

Edge-of-the-Bed Sex Positions 1

Since posting Podcast #008: How to Make the Most of the Size You’ve Got we’ve gotten feedback from readers who love deep penetration, and we’ve also received a few questions about positions to use for more depth. It just so happens that Sexy Corte and I have been experimenting with an edge-of-the bed position that is perfect for deep penetration, and that also creates an amazing visual experience for the husband!

ChristianFriendlySexPositions calls the position “Packing the Suitcase”.

Edge-of-the-Bed Sex Positions 2

It’s a pretty simple position:

  • The wife perches on the edge of the bed (or other raised surface) and lifts her legs up, pulling her knees towards her chest.
  • The husband stands facing her and enters.

This position enables extremely deep penetration by pulling the wife’s legs far out of the way and by pushing her pelvis up and forward towards the husband. You may even get deeper than in doggy style! As always with deep positions, the husband will need to be careful not to thrust too forcefully to avoid discomfort for the wife; the wife will likely find deep penetration more enjoyable if she is thoroughly aroused.

Edge-of-the-Bed Sex Positions 3

Edge-of-the-bed positions are great for a bunch of reasons!

  • Deep penetration. As we already mentioned, these positions enable the deepest possible penetration of any face-to-face positions.
  • Access to the wife’s clitoris. These positions don’t stimulate the wife’s clitoris directly, but they do provide easy access for either spouse to use their fingers, thumb, or a vibrator. The wife’s clitoris can be hard to reach in most husband-dominant positions — which makes it hard/impossible for the wife to orgasm — so this feature enables the wife to climax while the husband is in control of the action.
  • Great visuals of penetration. Men are very visual creatures, and edge-of-the-bed positions create an opportunity for the husband to get a good look at the action as he penetrates his wife and watch the response of her whole body when she climaxes. I find these visuals to be extremely hot, and one of the best features of these positions.
  • Keep cool in the summer. Sex in the hot months of the year can be sweaty and exhausting, but edge-of-the-bed positions can help you keep cool. You won’t get as hot in these positions as when you’re lying down because your bodies aren’t in full-length contact. We find it much harder to reach orgasm if we overheat.
  • Access to the wife’s legs and breasts. Because your bodies aren’t pressed together, the husband will have lots of access to the wife’s breasts and legs during sex. Breasts are also easily accessible during wife-on-top positions, but in most positions the wife’s legs aren’t within reach. You might both enjoy having the husband pet and rub the wife’s legs and feet during sex!
  • Edging marathons. Both spouses are in pretty comfortable positions — standing straight up and lying down — so you should be able to stay on the edge-of-the-bed for a while. The wife can have a relaxing, luxurious, drawn-out experience if the husband goes slowly and focuses his attention on her.

Edge-of-the-bed positions do present one significant challenge that hindered our enjoyment of them for years: what to do with the wife’s legs? There’s nowhere to rest them (since they’re hanging off the bed), and it’s tiring for the either spouse to hold them up for long periods of time. You can take turns, but you’ve also got to pay attention to the wife’s clitoris, and thrusting, etc. Here are a few ideas for keeping the wife’s legs comfortable, but you make need to juggle between them over the course of your encounter.

  • Husband holds wife’s ankles or knees. Great for a while, but it requires both of the husband’s hands. The wife can stimulate herself while the husband holds her legs; this might work great for you, but Sexy Corte really prefers for me to stimulate her.
  • Wife holds her own legs up and back. The wife pulls her thighs up to her breasts and holds her knees with her hands. This works well and provides great access for the husband, but it can become tiring for the wife and also make her feel squished or cramped after a while.
  • Husband leans on wife’s shins with one arm. Similar to above — the husband pushes the wife’s thighs up to her breasts, folds her knees, and then leans forward against her shins with one of his arms to hold her legs. This leaves one of his hands free, but can make the wife feel squished and also negates many of the advantages listed above because their bodies will be pressed together.
  • Prop the wife’s legs up with something. Theoretically you can put two tall objects on the floor near the edge of the bed for the wife to rest her spread legs/feet on and that don’t block the husband. We’ve never been able to make this work. You’d probably need some sort of birthing table.
Edge-of-the-Bed Sex Positions 4
  • Use a bondage strap or rope. This is the approach we just discovered, and it works pretty well as an augmentation to the other techniques described above. Use one of your bondage straps or ropes (which I’m sure you already own!) to hold the wife’s legs up. You can position the strap behind her neck or shoulders, whichever she finds the most comfortable. Both spouses can take turns holding the wife’s legs to relieve the pull of the straps when desired. For example:
Edge-of-the-Bed Sex Positions 5

Once you’ve mastered the basics, here are some more edge-of-the-bed sex positions to try out. Share some of your tips or let us know what you think in the comments below!

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  1. The only problem with having an examing table ANYWHERE in the house the kids would want to know what we do with it…… and I like the fact you admit to trying the edge of the bed, it’s my (Husband) favorite position.


  2. I must admit it WAS my fav. as it’s been VERY dry for the past few years due to chronic back pains that might finally be brought under control with a Spinal Cord Stimulator, on 09.25 the rial period had a 50% improvement. PLEASE pray that that will be the case and even greater than 50%

    Still John

  3. Like you said edge of bed positions allow for a great view. Its a major turn on to see my wife’s breasts bounce and her body rock back and forth in response to my thrusting.

    1. Absolutely! It’s too bad there isn’t an easy way for the wife to get as good a view as the husband.

  4. A position I find really really hot is when my wife lies on the edge of the bed, on her back with her head slightly hanging over the side of the bed while she is performing oral on me. Simultaneously she is thrusting her silver vibrator in and out of her as I am thrusting slowly but intensely in and out of her mouth. The visual of watching my wife perform oral on me while she masturbating is such a turn on! I then trust harder harder inside her mouth while she is stroking me to finish in hear mouth and down her throat. She will continue until her orgasm is complete! A memorable experience for sure!

  5. We love doing this with a bondage harness to make it a bit easier on my legs being pressed back. One of our go to things is nipple clamps and they work great here as it’s easy for him to tug on the chain a little and a great position to use a butt plug in ad it makes your lady feel even tighter too.

  6. We do this with a comfy chair pulled up to the edge of the bed. The chair we use prob came from pier one and has nice cushion for me to sit on and has firm arms tall and wide enough for my wife to put her feet on. I will either stand between the bed and chair for great penetration in a way that is also super comfy for my wife as i can hold on to her knees for a little more stability. But the real fun begins when i will sit in the chair while she uses a vibrator. I can either just relax and admire the view (drink some wine) or even better use my fingers to play gently with her opening and/or g-spot area on the top inside of her vagina while she uses the vibrator on herself. Some times we do all penetration while i stand sometimes we all vibrator while i play with the rest of her vulva Sometimes we go back and forth with me alternating sitting and standing for that marathon edging session.

    All this is great but i should point out that. For years from the time when we were first married she never had an orgasm. And it was this position where we actually mastered her having orgasms together. In fact this mode turned out to be so essential for me to be able to learn all her signs (inside and outside her body) as she approaches orgasm which i was then able to take that knowledge and guide her to orgasm in other positions because i could now read all her signs. By the way she absolutely loves she can relax her whole body while she gets external clitoral and internal g-spot stimulation at the same time

    Hope others give this a try Works womders for us

    1. Awesome, thanks for sharing. I’m not exactly sure how you’re making the position work if you’re sitting in a chair and bending over the bed. We’ll have to try this a bit and see if we can figure out what you’re doing.

      1. Theres two modes. One i just stand between bed and chair for nice penetration while she just has a good stable place for her feet to rest. Or i can sit and help her with g-spot stimulation while she uses a vibrator. Sometimes a whole session is one mode or the other sometimes i go back and forth Give it shot. Hope that helps

        1. Your wife is standing on a chair? You must be extremely tall. I guess I’d think she might be kneeling on the chair or something?

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