Foreplay All Day — Reload This Page

Do you want to drive each other crazy all day, and then have amazing sex that evening? Every time you reload this page you’ll get a new foreplay activity — pick a new one every hour, or whenever you have a moment of privacy with your spouse. Just two rules:

  1. Whatever it says, do it
  2. No orgasms  allowed until the end of the day
Foreplay activity:Husband kisses Wife's hands and arms


  1. Remember May is Masturbation Month!!! Celebrate WITH your spouse all month long and even daily… Along with intimacy and of course prayer!

  2. You should do a variation of this where the page only shows prompts for the wife and another for the husbands, and then we can surprise one another! It feels less sexy to read a prompt on a screen together and then turn and flash a body part, ya know?

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