Wives: How to Sleep Warm and Sexy in Winter

Wives: How to Sleep Warm and Sexy in Winter 1

This post is also available as a podcast: Podcast #015: You Should Sleep Naked, Even in Winter

Winter is coming, and wives are facing the annual dilemma: how can I sleep warmly and still ensure that my lady bits are available to my husband? Flannel pajamas are warm and comfy, but so frustrating for cuddly husbands! The top isn’t much of a problem if he can sneak his hands up underneath, but the bottoms are total killjoys. What’s a loving wife to do?

Great news! You can keep warm on a cold night and still sleep sexy with thigh-high socks! They’re the perfect compromise for nights when it’s too cold to sleep naked. Throw on a comfy top, some thigh-highs, and nothing else — everyone wins. You’re guaranteed to sleep well and wake up refreshed.


Commenter Marriagecoach1 points out that women have an easier time reaching orgasm when their feet are warm.

Update 2:

Buy a fitted electric heat pad to go under your sheets!

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  1. Yes it has been scientifically proven that women have a much easier time achieving orgasm when their feet are warm. I suggest these, lacy silky panties and some sexy top over it or even her husbands shirt.

  2. I have the opposit problem. I am transitioning into menopause and the hot flashes and night sweats make clothes, especially socks an issue. We have always sleep nude with extra blankets in the cold. I find during sex I always kick off the blankets… I would be interested to see how many other women have the same issue. Our bedroom is always around 68-72 degrees.

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