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All Christian sex bloggers eventually get around to the question: should a wife swallow her husband’s semen? As usual, the answer is “if she wants to”. Well that’s fine… no one should be coerced into doing anything against her will… but I’m going to go a bit farther for wives and claim that you should cultivate a desire to swallow.

Why? Well, let’s get inside your husband’s head for a minute. As I’ve written before, we men like to mark our territory — and depositing his semen into your body is one of the primary ways your husband marks you. If you reject his semen, you’re rejecting him as your mate and as the potential father of your children. Even though it’s your mouth, refusing to swallow is basically the same as insisting that your husband wear a condom when you have intercourse.

On the flip side, when you do swallow, you create intimacy between you and your husband. You demonstrate love and acceptance on a very primal level that goes beyond words. If you want to drive your husband crazy don’t just suck him off — dive into him like a woman lost in the desert who has just spotted an oasis. Not like you have to swallow, but like you crave him and will die if he doesn’t shoot himself down your throat right now.

And finally: God himself describes the passion of oral sex better than I ever could.

As an apple tree among the trees of the forest,
    so is my beloved among the young men.
With great delight I sat in his shadow,
    and his fruit was sweet to my taste.

Bonnie Wallace says that semen is the perfect food for a wife. [Update: Bonnie’s blog no longer exists.]

In addition, it also has some great mind-altering effects.  It boosts melatonin, which helps you sleep, and oxytocin, which increases affection and boosts your mood.  You know how they say that breast milk is the most perfect food for an infant?  Well, semen is a pretty darn close comparison for the perfect sex food for a wife.

She also gives some helpful tips on how to swallow:

Ok, I’m not going to say that it is easy to swallow the first time you try to do it.  Depending on how often you have sex, a LOT may come out down there.  I’ll admit that my technique initially was to try to get it all in my mouth then swallow all at once to “get it over with” and that usually ended up making a really big mess.  Instead, it works better to drink it like a water fountain, swallowing and drawing more into your mouth at the same time.  Granted, there still may be too much to get it all, but it works a lot better this way than the other.

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    1. My wife is convinced she cannot let me come in her mouth. She is not into giving blow jobs. Married 39 years on July 2nd. I have prayed for years for her heart to change. Were you hesitant at one time at giving oral sex? What changed for you? I love performing oral sex on her. It is my favorite erotic act and is off the charts arousing.

      1. I’ve been talking to my wife about this for quite a while but hadn’t been able to make any
        progress until:
        1- I took the time to have several respectful and heartfelt conversations about sex in general and about oral sex and swallowing specifically.
        2- I Ask her to read the book “Delight Your Husband” from Delight Your Marriage ( I got the book for my wife about a year ago, and she recently finished it. The book is written by a wife and from a Christian perspective. She provides a lot of spiritual, emotional, and practical advice for women struggling with their married sexuality (or lack thereof). I highly recommend it!
        3- Last week, while talking about oral sex and how to finish, I shared with her that I actually “tried” my own semen. Since I had been asking her to, and at least wanted to know what I was asking her to do. I explained my own perspective on texture, flavor, and swallowing. I think that was enough to convince her to at least be willing to try it herself.

        Earlier this week she let me finish in her mouth for the first time in 10 years. It was an amazing experience. After starting the morning that way (I was almost late for work, but who cares!), I felt very and completely loved the rest of the day. A few days later when I asked her about it, she said it wasn’t so bad as she thought it might be.

        Thanks EF & SC. Between your site (MCS) and the DYM site I referenced above, you all are my two favorite go-to resources when talking through these kinds of things with my wife.

      2. Michael You need yo stop giving her oral and also you need to tell her that her juices tastes disgusting. Why appreciate hers when she is expressing disgust to yours.

      3. Michael you should also question her attraction/deep love for you. Best believe if a woman is attracted to a man she will be turned on giving him oral. Just stop giving her oral. She clearly has no respect for you she enjoys receiving but hates giving? You need to wake up.

    2. Glad you are on board with this being female. My wife wants no part of me squirting near her face! Good for you! Your man must be thrulled out of his mind!

    3. Thanks Bonnie for your posting. Glad to hear you are on board with this! You must have a lucky man for sure! Hope you enjoy it and don’t do it just for his sake. 😊

      1. Why would it be wrong if she did do it just for his sake? Does your husband not do anything for you that he doesn’t enjoy because he loves you?

    4. Not only does my wife not like to swallow, she no longer gives me oral sex since she tried to swallow, it was a lot and big mess for her…. But she gets thrilled when i perform oral, and cum inside her, followed by me doing down on her again and cleaning my semen up with my tongue… she enjoys that and I have learned that i like my own semen!

      1. She sounds selfish. You express desire for her and she wont for you? Sorry that is one-sided. P.s. vag fluid is dirtier than semen.

    5. This is the most disturbing Christian article I found in my life. Y’all need to let people do whatever they want or don’t want to do in the bedroom. Stop shaming WOMEN for not wanting to perform certain sexual acts. Pressure isn’t sexy. What works for you may not work for another and that’s actually OKAY!! Sex is a collaborative action and again that looks different for everyone involved and Always includes consent and no pressure or PUNISHMENT (“if she doesn’t swallow or sucks your dick at all stop going down on her”) how old are you? 10? Have adult conversations about what you like and don’t like or want to try. And if you think, that women’s “juices” are disgusting, you may not be straight my friend – which is fine, just don’t punish women for it!!

  1. Thanks for leaving the first comment our blog has ever received! Sexy Corte and I both enjoy your site, and I’m sure we’ll be linking to you often :)

    1. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment! I think it’s pretty hard to avoid swallowing when you’re going down on your wife.

      1. Sometimes even catching a breath can be a trick. :) And they think it’s so easy. “Well, at least you aren’t gagging.” Well, how about just breathing, ladies. If you’re husband is really full face, chin to nose, in it to win it and you leg lock him in, a guy could asphyxiate.

  2. Wow. Just wow. I have no problem with the concept of swallowing, I have swallowed on occasion, but it’s a really insecure man who needs his wife to do that in order to feel accepted as a mate. Last time I checked, insecurity is *really* not sexy on a man.

    I have swallowed. I don’t think it’s gross. It does burn my throat really bad, and my husband is not offended in the least if I spit it out. He does not feel rejected. I would question the underlying psychological issues in a man who NEEDS his wife to swallow, why does he feel that way? And I’ve never heard of any man feeling rejected by condom use. Sure, it’s not very comfortable, but rejected?

    Cortisol is chemical most commonly produced in response to stress. Any references on how this is supposed to increase affection, or are you just spouting inaccuracies without checking your sources?

    1. Hi T, thanks for the comment!

      It’s great that you and your husband are in agreement on this matter. Every couple is different, and you’ve found what works for you.

      I stand by my main thesis for wives: “I’m going to go a bit farther for wives and claim that you should cultivate a desire to swallow.” Despite your perception, men are often insecure about their sexuality, just like many women are.

      As for cortisol, I was quoting Bonnie. I’m not an endocrinologist, but some quick Googling leads me to believe that she may have been crossing her wires with reference to oxytocin.

    2. T, first off, you’re not a man so please don’t presume to understand our insecurities. It’s very possible that your man doesn’t share his insecurities with you. It’s simply not “manly” to do so.

      My wife loves me eating her but has been “grossed out” giving blow jobs. For her, it really is a “job”. So my first hurdle was simply getting her to suck me. Her normal blow job would last about two minutes, and then on to other business. I have had my tongue between her legs for more than an hour on several occasions.

      Recently, she changed her attitude. She seems to be enjoying sucking me. Then, during one blow job, she started telling me she wanted me to cum in her mouth and she wanted to swallow my cum. I couldn’t cum fast enough. She swallowed every drop. First time after 30 years of marriage.

      She had attempted to swallow before but let most of my semen drip out before swallowing very little of it. For me, it was a whole new level of acceptance for me. A level I had never felt.

      We men have a primal need to please and satisfy our lady. I have always put her pleasure first. Part of that is letting her believe that I’m satisfied with what she does. Swallowing is a big deal for me, and I’m sure most men would agree, if they’re being honest.

      I actually wrote about that blow job. You can read about it here:

      1. @marriedheat: Agree that wives ought to try accepting the semen and swallowing. Many wives find that it is not that big a deal once they try it a few times. Too many wives just reject the idea of swallowing without trying it. We have written at length on this as well.

        Letting go of the mental block and the fear is a big help to a wife in this area. At the very least, the wife ought to allow her husband to finish in her mouth.

      2. You are a incredible husband. Indeed your wife is very lucky to have u between her legs for an hour. This shows you care and love you wife pleasure. The real joy of ultimate great married love is nothing great than having oral sex with great feelings. Indeed, I do the same to my wife, I make sure when I smooch my wife sweet thing she at least release her orgasm twice or thrice, after all its all about the grand pleasure she experience. In return I’m very lucky as my wife never rejected my drown into her mouth, she loves every drop and also insist to come on her face, so she apply as facial which he got a wonderful results. It been 8 years (now we r 37&34) of my marriage, she always humble to open her mouth to swallow my power liquid.
        You husbands do provide to your wife a great powerful substance which makes her strong and strengthen your relationship. Also make sure she also get maximum pleasure as u receive by going down to her.

        1. Very luck husband’s who’s wives swallow and desire it. My wife does not want it anywhere near her face or mouth even though I have expressed my desire for me to give her a facial and ultimately swallow. One of the best gifts a husband can receive is knowing his wife desires him in that way. I so tell my wife how much i love tasting her and how much of a turn on it is! It is quite the delicacy eating my wife’s cum and juices!

          1. Married 27 years. Wife will give short blowjob as foreplay, but NEVER to orgasm. Like Dan above she will not let “it” A/K/A “ME” anywhere near her mouth or face. And YES I feel rejected. She has an absolute right to say not today. But NEVER is a long time. It was big issue last year. She “Tried” once and given up. Our sex life is otherwise OK, but I can’t help but feel a lack of intimacy with the NEVER aspect. I would be more than happy to be the husband who gets it once a year on his birthday. (That would have been 27 BJ’s , which is much better than zero.) To those men who are lucky enough to receive on a regular basis, you better be THANKFUL and HUMBLE. FOR BETTER OR WORSE, NEVER FOR GRANTED. For those, like me, who have gone without, I feel and share your pain.

      3. It’s great that lovers enjoy each others juices; it’s an amazing an erotic part of sex. But to demand it of your wife seems a bit misogynistic and domineering.

        Think about enjoying the fruits of your lovemaking by going down on her after you cum in her pussy. If you’re not willing to do that, how can you reasonably expect her to swallow every time.

        After all, what’s good for the goose…

    3. Sometimes it’s because he has not expeirienced something that has become a major desire and I guess according to you he’s wrong and weak for it

    4. Nothing turns me on more than a strong assertive woman, as I perceive you are from your comment, that swallows. My wife swallows all the time. I would feel disconnected if she stopped, but I agree with you that I wouldn’t and shouldn’t feel rejected if she didn’t swallow. I would probably feel less exclusive.

    5. T, yes, I’ve noticed how these men revere their semen. They claim to speak for all men, but I know, my husband doesn’t feel ‘rejected’ or any of the other needy adjectives they use to get their point across. I’m not saying they don’t feel this way, I’m not them, but I actually think the only men who feel like this are the ones who comment on this type of forum. The majority of men don’t even look at these blogs. The only incredible thing about semen is the fact that it contains half the genetic material that goes into making a baby. Other than that, it’s just a bodily fluid. And, no you shouldn’t swallow if you don’t want to.

    1. Well, I think it’s mostly a matter of talking to her and explaining what you want. I wouldn’t recommend nagging though :) Check out Bonnie’s post that I linked to above, it has a lot of good tips.

  3. I could not have said that any better but that is also what the women were teaching in the Victorian era so that’s one reason marriages struggle today bless everyone who’s trying to turn the tables around to God’s way once again

  4. Here’s why I don’t swallow–the consistency and temperature of semen remind me irresistably of vomit. Sorry, I wish it weren’t so,but it is. I do love my husband and want to make him happy, but I guess I must just be extra sensitive to textures or something.

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment!

      Of course it’s between you and your husband. Maybe he doesn’t care? If he does, it might be a taste you could acquire.

    2. My advice, Clementia, is keep trying. Try the chocolate sauce or something else. See if it helps. If it does, I’ll guarantee you’ll meet a new man in your bed.

  5. As someone who feels alone on this topic, I’m just wondering how the men and women on here feel about men swallowing. What I’m saying is how do the men feel about going down on their wife after they (the men) have had an orgasm? Also, how do the women feel about their husband going down on them after their husband has had an orgasm?

    I think it is especially important if my wife wasn’t able to orgasm from intercourse.

    1. I told my wife at an early point in our marriage that I would do ANYTHING she asked of me. ANYTHING! And I have. Now, considering she was, and still is, pretty naïve, she’s never asked me to do anything outrageous. Eating her after I’ve had an orgasm is something I found to be quite erotic and enjoyable. The first time was a bit weird but I got over it quickly when she was bucking on my face in ecstasy. :)

      She, on the other hand, has never made the ANYTHING pledge to me. I’m sure she knows better. :)

  6. I find it difficult to swallow, but I’m very happy to take his semen on my face and body, so long as I haven’t climaxed. A turnoff to have all that goey stuff on me if I’ve already cum, but if not a facial or cumshot to the body does really help me get there.

    1. Thanks for the comment Cathy!

      Out of curiosity, does your husband usually come first? Nothing wrong with that, but it’s the opposite of most couples I think, so I’m wondering.

      1. Yes, he normally reaches orgasm first. What I love is that I can sometimes make him aroused once again by the mere sight of me dripping in his semen!

        1. I love eating my wife out after she cums! I tell her all the time how great she tastes and how I want her all over my face and in my mouth! The thing is she rarely cums anymore!

    2. My wife loves when I cum on her breast, stomach or on the outside of her girl parts. She really enjoys when I lick it up and touch her body; so much that we normally can work in session number 2.

      1. That is amazing to hear. I had to learn to enjoy the taste of my cum. But like alcohol once you gain the desire for the flavor it becomes intoxicating. Now the thought, smell and flavor of cum just brings the experience of the intimacy to a full charged sexual experience. We finally got to the point that we have to share and assign who gets to enjoy the semen.
        This just brings the excitement and enjoyment up one level. But we are in it together.

    3. Awesome! At least you are willing to take it on your face! All natural makeup that enhances ALL women’s beauty! Gotta love those facials! Hope the swallowing cums easier for you!

    4. Then you should not receive oral. Men have to yo lick and swallow your juices but wont do it for men. Newsflash vag juices tastes far more awful than semen.

  7. About five years ago I had a huge orgasm in my wife. She had not cum yet. I was so in heat that I went down on her with my cum in her. I was really just above it on her clitoris. She tried to stop me at first but when I keep going she just went wild. She had the longest, hardest orgasm ever. However, she has stopped me every time since. I think it is out of her comfort zone.

  8. I will testify as a man and confess. My girlfriend in college “taught” me all about sex. I was a newbie and had no experience. She obviously had. While we stopped just short of intercourse, everything else was on the table. She swallowed the first time I experience oral sex and every time. It was accepting and bonding. I regret it. I repent of it. It’s done me no good whatsoever. Comparison isn’t healthy in a marriage and my wife has never swallowed nor even remotely considered it. She’s grossed out by it and we’ve had all kinds of issues in our sex life. Great marriage but suffering sex life. Truly, honestly, painfully speaking … I will tell you that I regret my “conquests” in college. I wish I’d never gone there and saved all of it for my wife. I’ve asked Jesus to sanctify and forgive my past and I’ve had to break all soul-ties with my college girlfriend.

    1. It’s good that you can recognize your past sins and repent. I pray that you’ll be able to move past them and find incredible joy in your marriage! We’ve all made bad decisions in the past, sexually or otherwise. God is eager to forgive us when we repent, and you can heal with time and grace.

      Whether or wife ever swallows or not, there are tons of ways to enjoy sexuality with her. I encourage you to work at building new memories with your wife that will wipe out any lingering phantoms from your past!

  9. I think it’s just good practice to swallow. Although mine doesn’t. Woman think nothing of you having there juices in your mouth. I get the oh the Volacity and the temperature of it. I can’t say anything but I think she should try more than once! I have no problem when she squirts up my nose and drenches me I drink a lot of her and I see the point about feeling loved. Just my thoughts.

    1. I agree. A lot of wives are happy to receive, but not give back. I was brought up in a very conservative Christian family, didn’t know what sex actually was til I was 18 and was still a virgin when I got married at 24. I was so ready for sex that I was so happy to try anything and everything at least once. Blow jobs were taboo in my circle (after I discovered people actually did that, haha) so when my hubby taught me how, it was a culture shock at first, but it then became OUR marriage culture. He loved cumming all over my face and body, I could see the sheer joy it gave him!
      The first time I swallowed it was my choice and I actually did it without him asking. I had tried it before, licking it off my lips or cleaning him off, so wasn’t bothered by taste or texture.
      I had never seen him so happy and he treated me like a queen for the rest of the day. It’s so worth it ladies!
      Your body is his, and his is yours, enjoy it.
      We had a baby two years ago and haven’t had sex in all that time. I’ve asked for it, and begged, tried to go down on him but have been rejected.
      I hold onto those special times in our first two years of marriage. TMI sorry but it’s obviously messed me up lol
      Quit complaining girls because some of us don’t get anything anymore.

      1. Very true.. A true wife should accept her husband semen. Even her husband should be loyal to her. The both divine faithful husband and wife should practice the joy of sex and man should intake his wife honey and wife his precious semen. I made my wife this practice and it’s been 8 years of marriage and there’s no day she rejected swallowing of my semen. Once the love session comes to climax she readily opens her mouth and swallow with love and respect. She loves it as we are part of each other and nowadays she applies on her face as it gave good results.
        So for all the faithful husband and wives do accept and intake your partner orgasm. Nothing precious than anything which makes your relationship strong and trustworth.

  10. I love the post and shared it with my newly married wife married a year ago. Both of us are 47 have 5 kids my 3 are out on there own hers one at college and home on weekends and a 22 year old son almost out. I showed her the post and she smiled and said every one has there opinion lol…not even anal talk is discussed or mentioned…lol yea it’s soon to be my golden years and due to exercise and working out I feel like a teen ager…I still love her but talking smack and dreaming is the closest I’m gonna get..but I have her heart and we are soulmates so one day when God returns I will have him talk to her…..only God..

    1. Well it’s great that you’re communicating. I know what you mean about exercise strengthening your libido. Maybe if you can lure your wife out for some exercise with you the sexiness will follow?

      1. No, it’s not science. It’s a load of garbage. This is a very manipulative move to get wives to do something she might not be happy with. You must think we’re stupid. Glad my hubby doesn’t do this.

  11. This is hilarious! First of all I am not a dog so referring to “marking his territory” is a bit extreme! How about refer to “marking his territory” when we said our vows and he placed a ring on my finger!! And an even funnier part is rejecting him as my mate or him being the father of my children?? Hahaha really?!?! Funny bc we have a 5 year old son together! My vagina didn’t reject that! And I don’t care to swallow but I certainly don’t hear any complaints at all! I’m all for trying new things that we both enjoy. We have a wonderful sex life and always have. He can live without me swallowing. Besides its not sexy to swallow that crap then vomit all over him. Js. To the women that do and the men that love it……swallow on!

  12. Yeah, not for me…
    The five times I’ve chosen to suck my husbands semen depositor, I vomit, once all over him. Yes, I’ve ‘worked on’ my gag reflex to no avail, and the nausea tends to stick with me for hours afterwards. No swallowing or deep sucking for me!! It’s not a wifely duty…sex is not required of women. If a man can’t respect his wife saying ‘no’ then he has problems. Plus sex is ridiculous, ugly and gross, pregnancy is disgusting and children and creepy.

    1. Actually fulfilling your husband’s sexual desires is your job. If you said “I do” you became the owner of his body and he became the owner of your body. God commands that you not deprive you spouse of sex. It sounds like you were not ready for marriage. I feel sorry for your husband.

    2. Um, sorry lady, but your perspective on sex sounds unbiblical. If you are so grossed out by sex then why did you even get married? So you can torture your husband and say “no” over and over? I’m sorry, but that’s controlling talk and manipulative. Read Paul’s letters that talk about being apart for a season of prayer, but then to come back together. To call sex gross is to say God made sex disgusting. The only reason I can think of that you might say that is that you had a bad experience and it scarred you. If so, there is help available, but I would not let this sit for very long. It’s a recipe for bad things happening to your marriage, even for infidelity.

  13. I can tell you that as a man, a Christian and a husband, it is a very important part of our sexual life for my wife to eat the semen that my balls produce daily. Thankfully, my wife agrees and does so happily. We have had our children and do not plan on having anymore, so in the absence birth control, which neither of us wish her to take, we use the pull out and ejaculate in her mouth method of birth control.

    From a utilitarian standpoint it is just cleaner that way (meaning no mess to clean and no sheets to clean). From her view, she says she feels closer to me when she eats my sperm. And from my viewpoint, I love the fact that I can make love to her and then ejaculate into her mouth. I even kiss her afterwards even before she swallows just to share in the moment together. I am not afraid of my own sperm and it makes her happy when I kiss her. I love my wife.

    1. Best comment of the thread. Perfect picture marriage. Practical, loving, compassionate, understanding, and unifying. Two bodies truly one. I hope that you also drink her up.

      The one thing that really helps with the taste, on both genders, is pineapple juice in copious amounts. Not only is it a healthy juice, but it makes the body and its juices taste great.

      Also Bryan, there are times of the month when ejaculating inside her beautiful vagina is not going to make her pregnant. That in itself is something women crave, just as much as men.

  14. been married to same little lady 46 years, still madly in love with her. only heavy petting before nupps. she said she wanted to as badly as i did but had to wait for the ring. she lied!! what a fight it was. i would say God says, and she would say but i don’t like it! she was 17 and i was 18 by 7 days when we married. it was a fight for 30 years to get her to do anything but missionary. she could come in five minutes and was done. i felt cheated, and told her so. the fights got so heated i told her to go home to her mother who had obviously messed with her head. she told me to go home to mine, and kicked me in the crotch. i am no saint, but i never hit her at any time. i stopped having sex with her in year 25 by this time i was crazy. she caught me many times doing myself. at first she was perplexed, then anger set in. i told her she could do the year 35 she was ready for help. she went to a psycologist and the pastor who happened to be a lady. after 6 months of help she was convinced she had some screws loose and better work on it, or i guess something like that. the only thing i was told was to call the police the next time she hit me with someting. she was flabbergasted how could the pastor tell me that. the good part in all of this is she has done a 180. could be she has found out i am dying but last week she deep throated me and let me come like that. when she came up to kiss me she smiled and said i didn’t even taste it. my point to all of this is when you say i do, it means forever.

    1. Good for her !!! Being a sexual wife is the key to a happy marriage. Both partners should enjoy oral to the max ! She will get better and better.

      1. Marge, its just too bad that ALL women don’t feel the same as you about oral sex !! Like you, my wife totally agreed from day one of our marriage that oral should be practiced regularly. My wife is still a very beautiful woman of 46 who is very open when it comes to our sex,. She has always swallowed and even said that she enjoys it, she is always ready for oral. Oral has always been equal and I always match her by going down on her every time she does me. This certainly keeps the spice in our relationship. Her sex drive is so strong that she needs it 4 to 5 times a week and oral everytime, very good for a 46 year old. The only concern for me is that I can tell that I have a more difficult time satisfying her, I am 10 years older.

  15. my wife has always given head.. and i love it.. She has not chosen to let me come in her mouth.. well maybe once… but her technique is when im about to blow..she comes off of my manhood.. and runs her mouth on the underside of my cock.. from the head all the way down the shaft….allowing my ejaculate to release on my belly and beyond. I do not feel shorted.. as her warm wet mouth is stroking the full length of my manhood. Does she ever taste some of my fluids? Im sure she does. But form her standpoint.. she doesn’t have to “swallow” my stuff.. and it always feels very intense. The nerve ending on the underside of my penis are very sensitive. As are all mens. Just my take on this topic for what its worth

    1. That’s great that you’ve found a system that works for you and your wife! Thanks for sharing.

  16. I absolutely love this article!!! My wife refuses to take facials and obviously no swallowing. I am 48 and never have experienced this. But I do fantasize about it… A big cheer to all those women and wives out there who are willing to and love facials and swallowing… It is the most sexiest and loving thing you could ever do for your man!

  17. Maybe I’m lucky in that I’m married to a woman who swallows. She has always swallowed. We have been married 17 years and together for 21 and I can tell you that her attitude toward the whole concept of swallowing has never really changed. She knows what it feels like, tastes like, etc. and always is fun about it, which makes it extra fun for me and us. Even if she gave one of her amazing blowjobs and then rejected my cum or acted grossed out by it, that would be a turn-off. Before my wife, I did date some women like that. In my experience, about 1/2 of women will swallow and 1/2 won’t. To me, not swallowing is a big turn off. I guess I’m lucky.

  18. This is such BS!! Omw!! There is nothing biblical about it and telling a woman that she is rejecting her husband by not swallowing is not biblical. Please cite verses from the Bible to substantiate your post. I cannot not believe what I’ve just read!!

    1. I’m not one to quote chapter and verse, but rather defer to common sense on this issue. Does anyone really believe that God will send you to Hell for ever and ever for incorporating oral sex into your married lovemaking? Yet, there are Churches that assert that.
      Larry Z B recently posted…if we could pierce the veilMy Profile

      1. Here is a chapter and verse stating that it is NOT SIN! “Marriage is honourable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge.” Hebrews 13:4

    2. Romans 1: 26 Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural sexual relations for unnatural ones. (natural intercourse=Vaginal sex; unnatural sex=anything else) On the contrary there is no indication in the bible that oral sex intensifies the bond in the marriage which is the intent of this bullcrap.

      1. Jacob, Romans 1:26-27 says:

        Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural sexual relations for unnatural ones. In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed shameful acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their error.

        This passage is clearly talking about homosexual sexual activity, not sex between a married man and woman. Jacob, your interpretation of “natural” and “unnatural” is baseless.

        1. No, you’re mistaken. This verse is actually talking about everything that is going in todays people’s sexual life: DILDOS, MASTURBATION ALONE, MUTUAL MASTURBATION (69), PORNOGRAPHY, DOMINATRIX, SEXUAL ROBOTS, SEXUAL DOLLS, ETC nobody can even mention that the word condemns those practices. right?

          1. Sir the Bible says in 4 different places not to add to the word or take away from the Word. When it comes to sexual sin, God is very explicit and you don’t need to interpret it. As to masturbation many churches teach the masturbation is a sin but the Word does not say so.

            Leviticus 15:16-18 16″‘When a man has an emission of semen, he must bathe his whole body with water, and he will be unclean till evening. 17Any clothing or leather that has semen on it must be washed with water, and it will be unclean till evening. 18When a man has sexual relations with a woman and there is an emission of semen, both of them must bathe with water, and they will be unclean till evening.

            Further in the New Testament it says in Hebrews 13:4 that marriage bed is undefiled in all meaning nothing a couple does together in the marriage bed is sin. Sir I challenge you to provide scriptural verses to prove your unfounded points, we are not interested in your opinion but what the Word says and if you can’t provide it you have no right to claim what it says or what it means.

          2. @Jacob Lancostellard

            I would take “MUTUAL MASTURBATION (69)” out of that list, because it is two people in a marriage enjoying their bodies. But everything else is very different, and indeed unnatural, lustful or self-serving.

            Two people having sexual play can be lustful instead of loving, even in a marriage, but not necessarily every time. Thus you cannot include that entry into that list.

            Oral sex can be lustful, penis-vagina sex can be lustful… lust and self-serving attitudes/actions masquerading as mutual eroticism and “new fun sex adventures”, THAT’S what the main problem is, which the rest of your list is correct on.

            Obviously the third aspect of this is then watching out for grotesque worldly/fallen practices entering into the sexual union, and becoming normalized just because the body deems them pleasurable. If fleshly pleasure itself overrides purity and love, honour and respect, then imbalance is once again within the relationship. A perfect example of that is anal “sex”.

      2. Oral sex is a special form (and expression) of sexual intimacy where there is mutual and shared vulnerability, trust and acceptance. This is not bull-crap.

        Thank you, El Fury, for giving the proper and correct context of the NT verses cited.
        Larry Z B recently posted…The Importance of MotherhoodMy Profile

  19. b tonsor again; it’s been a while since last i wrote. i spent 28 months in combat during vietnam, and was wounded four times. one involving a fractured spine . in the last five years i have lost the ability to i guess you would say hump. i have ended up in a wheel chair, and if i try i spend the next week in horrible pain from mid spine down. i have also ended up with the desire to make love to my wife of 47 years at least three times a week. she recently asked me why so much. i had to tell her i thought it was all coming to an end and wanted to get the last one in. my point to all of this is oral sex is basicly all we have left. i bought a vibrator to help me with her because she loves deep penitration, and i am ready to do what ever i can to help. she has learned in the last six months that she can make me come as many as four times with her mouth, and swallows every time now. she says keeping it clean makes it better the next time. i guess good things do come to those who wait, and pray.

    1. Thank you for your sacrifice. I can’t even begin to imagine everything you’ve been through, but it’s great to hear that you and your wife are having success with your love life. Thank you for sharing. Would you mind if I share your comment in a blog post?

      1. no, i do not mind. my wife and i went through ptsd and all the rest together. we, with the lords help have made it to a great place. and, please believe me, i am not complaining about the the tests God put before me. i have a beautiful wife who loves me four children and sixteen grandchildren i love with all my heart. they are the reward the lord has given me for being his faithful servant. i am the luckiest man in the world.

        1. What a great story, thank you for sharing it. I’ll do a little light editing and post your comments next week (I hope).

          1. the wife and i love you guys now. letting people know God want’s you to enjoy sex in your marriage and not to be ashamed of it is precious. thank you again.

          2. You’re very kind, thank you! We are excited to have an impact in God’s kingdom through this blog.

  20. The question I ask myself is this: Why am I obsessed with cum? Why, in a loving, egalitarian, Christian marriage do I relish knowing that my spouse is feeling my pulsating manhood filling her with my hot liquids? When the carnal desires for my wife well up inside of me and need to be unleashed, why do I derive so much pleasure by telling her that I need to squirt my juices all over her body? Why do I crave the times she begs me to cum on her breasts, then willingly obey her demands, and feel such an intense sense of satisfaction upon hearing her gasp in delight as she watches me squirt my love onto her chest? Why is cumming in her mouth as she pleasures me with her lips and tongue such an emotionally and profoundly bonding experience? I need to emphasize that it isn’t merely the orgasm that is the cause of these emotional reactions, but the fact that my wife is touching, feeling, tasting, and seeing my cum. I am obsessed with having her enjoy my cum, not just my pleasure.

    The most reasonable answer to this question is that my cum is a gift. It emanates from the deepest recesses of my body just like my love for my spouse springs from the core of my most inner self. When she acknowledges my gift, relishes the sight of it issuing forth from my body, and lovingly accepts it into her own, it is an intimate token of her total and complete acceptance of me as her companion, husband, and lover. At the same time, my gift of cum is her creation. It is the physical manifestation of the emotional and spiritual connection that I feel for her because she has given me the gift of her body, her very soul, her most intimate self in bringing me to ecstasy. In life, I exchange gifts with many people, but my cum is a sacred gift. Along with my desires, my devotion, and my fidelity, it is a gift that only she receives. It is the product of the union of my body with hers and no other. Therefore, I am obsessed with cum because I am obsessed with the intimate bonds of love that tie me to my wife and her alone.

    1. Great comment, Austin. This provides food for thought.

      “Why is cumming in her mouth as she pleasures me with her lips and tongue such an emotionally and profoundly bonding experience?”

      There is a statement embedded in your question that is worth noting. Yes, it is an emotionally bonding experience for the husband. Cumming in his wife’s mouth is more than just physically pleasurable, it is emotionally bonding and gratifying.

      “I am obsessed with having her enjoy my cum, not just my pleasure.”

      Yes, as this clearly demonstrates her total acceptance, love and respect for her husband.
      Larry Z B recently posted…life is a process of becomingMy Profile

  21. My wife wants to masterbate me and have me eat the ejaculate off her fingers. I know this is crazy but I consider myself all the way straight but have wondered what it tastes like could any Christian women give their thoughts and if this is strange in your marriage

  22. I’ve attempted swallowing on several occasions. And ended up vomiting every single time. Thankfully we were in the shower each time.

    Most women don’t find the taste enjoyable and only do it to please their husband. I find oral in general unbearable, and the thought of swallowing makes me physically ill.

    Then again, I dislike sexual fluids in general and refuse to have sex without a condom.

    This entire article is absurd in so many aspects that I don’t know where to start.

    1. Emma, great job of at least attempting and sharing your experience… If your husband changes his diet to fruit smoothies or pineapple juice the taste wil become bearable. I had that same experience but my husband loves it so much and I love him so when I am giving him oral and a hand job while on my knees and he is about to explode i put his penis in the back of my throat and he is able to squirt down my throat without really tasting it. Less messy than all over my face or hair!

      1. Yes, what Jen says can be helpful for wives. Change his diet, and add fruit juices and more hydration can help to sweeten the husband’s semen. As well, if the husband ejaculates more often, then his load will likely not be as large or as thick. Couples can make adjustments if they want to. That desire to please each other is a function of their love for each other.

        This article is not absurd, but actually contains many positive and helpful insights.
        Larry Z B recently posted…recent health links to articles you need to read and share widelyMy Profile

  23. I swallow and absolutely love it and would encourage those wives reading this who are leary of it to keep going. Yes, it took a while to get used to. But the intimacy it creates with my husband is beyond spectacular and it is something he loves doing seeing the expression on his face is undescribeable. I got used to it by him finishing on my face and after a while I was able to taste it on my lips then I started letting him finish in my mouth. That is all… Jen

    1. Hi Jen, that’s actually a really good bit of advice that I haven’t heard before: ejaculating on the wife’s face as a stepping stone to swallowing. I’m going to add that idea to a few posts.

      1. Oh WOW!…i guess I can say that it is an honor to have you share with other Christian women! I hear and read so much about the negativity of swallowing from other women. Nothing is more sexier than memorizing scripture with my husband, a good prayer time going to church and leading bible study then spending time finishing my husband! Is this something most women do???

        1. Not sure about most women, but I sure enjoy swallowing! For me I feel like I am doing an incomplete job to my husband if I can’t finish him in my mouth! I am used to the taste, as it is something you need to get used to. If I don’t finish my husband during oral to me that is like having intercourse and not having my hubby finish… That pleases me the most is knowing I made him do that!

          1. Preach it sister. I tell women that the secret is not to try and block his ejaculation with your tongue because all of your tastebuds are at the front of your tongue. If you keep your tongue out of the way and just let him shoot to the back of your mouth and down your throat there is no taste or consistency problems. Another solution is to have a bottle of room temp Hershey’s chocolate syrup on the nightstand and when his getting close, squeeze a large amount in yuour mouth and finish your husband and all you will taste is the chocolate and not his semen and swallow it all down in one gulp

      2. I also tell my husband I like looking like a walrus as the tusks are on the side of their face, I push my husband’s semen out of both sides of my mouth and I looked in the mirror and the first thing that came to mind (beside my husband) was walrus mouth. Which is cum 👄.

        1. I absolutely love swallowing! My husband loves seeing his semen drip out of my mouth and drip down my chin. I must say though it is definitely an acquired taste and may be hard to get used to.

        2. Just a piggie back on Jens posting. Getting a facial from my husband is more of a benefit for both of us. I don’t really like the taste of semen and don’t like it in my mouth. My husband finds it quite a turn on when I let him finish on my face during oral sex. I usually am the one finishing him either with my mouth or with a hand job. My husband loves watching himself drip down my face and chin. I am ok with it and don’t have to take it in my mouth. Good for those couples who enjoy this…

          1. Reading previous blogs one about Mutual Masturbation and having the husband finish in his wifes mouth and having her show it to the husband with her mouth open, enjoying semen in another’s posting, taking facials in comments left from other wives and now this one on specifically swallowing, I think they all correlate!

          2. I agree with Michelle above…I love it when I am giving my husband and hand job during oral sex and I know he is almost ready to explode but don’t know exactly when. I look at the end of his penis while I am stroking him then at any given moment is blast off! I love watching his semen squirt out and blast me in the face or open my mouth really wide to see how much lands where. It is awesome enjoying my husbands love juices all over me. I usually laugh so hard!

      3. El Fury, you commented how you haven’t heard of husband ejaculating on wifes face. Do you do this to Sexy Corte? Or was it the stepping stone to swallowing you haven’t heard before? That seems to be a pretty common trend…. Great blog!

          1. I believe if a guy goes down and puts up with the woman’s taste then she should not have an issue with swallowing. If she does then she should not receive oral and expect a man to put up with her fluids. Ps I also believe that if a woman truly deeply loves her man swallowing wont be an issue.

  24. I much prefer receiving a facial from my husband or after he finishes in my mouth I would let his semen drip out of my mouth. I much prefer that over swallowing. My husband prefers this too as he loves seeing himself on my face and I love that he loves it!

    1. If a wife chooses to finish her husband with oral sex and does not prefer to swallow or even taking it in her mouth but she pefers having her husband finish on her chin or breasts or even face should not be demeaning if she enjoys and is ok with it. The women in porn are forced to do things with those they are not married which makes it demeaning while others will view.

      1. I agree with Stacy, having my husband finish on my face or neck or breasts during either oral sex or PIV intercourse many times is much more tolerable and even enjoyable than always in the mouth. Sometimes in the mouth can be too overwhelming….what is viewed in porn should not sway married couples from enjoying each other.

        1. The best way (for me anyways) to get used to my husband’s semen in my mouth was to put him in my mouth after he finishes inside of me. Now when he is ready he tells me and I open my mouth really wide Lol. I too enjoy having my husband finish himself on my breasts and face if he misses my mouth! Your absolutely right, he loves the visual.

    2. I as a wife do not find it demeaning in the least bit if I choose to have my husband finish in my mouth or on my face as the previous comment suggested. What is demeaning is the watching of the porn.

    3. John above states he think it is demeaning for a husband to ejaculate on his wife’s face…well I will tell you that one of the reasons I enjoy and let my husband finish either on my face or in my mouth is because when he is giving ME oral and I have produced my female juices that are usually pretty similar to his he devours every drop of me and has a pretty messy face when doing so… He loves to swallow my juices as I like to swallow his! Demeaning? Not in the least bit, but definitely a turn on. It is the watching porn that John alluded to that makes it demeaning!

      1. I agree when giving my husband oral and usually he has no warning as he can cum at any time. Unless he is totally inside my mouth he will go on my face if I am stroking him even if my mouth was open and his penis is outside of my mouth how could he not help to finish on my chin, neck, forehead, breasts, cheek, lips etc… When he finishes he really can’t help where he squirts, I just let him enjoy it.

        1. From the postings from other wives the topic of facials are popular and even though this topic is on swallowing, I guess that always is a good option. I also read on this site how in the mutual masturbation article how the wife should show her husband her tongue filled cum. That is something I do. After I stick out my tongue with my husbands semen I put my tongue back in my mouth and either take my teeth and slide the cum out of my mouth or re open my mouth to show my husband his cum disappeared! He does not think in the slightest those times I don’t swallow he is being rejected. He just loves finishing in my mouth or giving me a facial… I enjoy them too.

    1. My wife had a serious conversation with me to explain she is not comfortable with oral sex. Funny enough in the same conversation she said she is comfortable in spanking me. From my point of view not a bad swap.

  25. John here, I have no problem coming on a woman’s breasts but I feel that it is demeaning to women who refuse to let a man come in her mouth. For women who have problem with taste of consitency, I have an easy solution where you won’t have these problems. Have a bottle of Hersheys Chocolate syrup on the night stand at room temp and whee he is close to coming stop for a second and put a bid dollop of chocolate syrup on your tongue and the only thing that you will taste is the chocolate sryrup and a quick swallow and its gone

    1. John, that’s BS. It is not disrespectful. If a woman expects and is receiving oral from a man where he inevitably swallows her fluid then she should not have a problem swallowing his. What’s disrespectful is a woman imposing doible standard where he swallows hers but wont his. And taste? Let’s be real I know my own taste and honestly if a man eats right vaginal fluid tastes far more awful as vaginal area undergoes constant changes and produces far more sweat. What would you say to women who expect for the guy to lick her but is not comfortable with vaginal taste and swallowing it? Know your worth and other men need to know theirs too. Men pleasure is important in bed and if a certain act is being given to a woman then there should be no issue with men receiving the same act.

  26. By the way, my book just took first place in the International Book Excellence Awards contest in my category marriage. It is also on the recommended reading list on AASECT (American Assn of Sexual Educators, Counselors and Therapists). I was recently offered a TEDX talk on the book and was invited to join the writing staff of the International Journal of Psychology and Neuroscience

  27. I thoroughly reading these posts. I believe God designed sex as a powerful way to unite my marriage. My husband and I have been married some forty years, we are empty nesters and have several grandchildren. Life is best for us when sex is fairly frequent. I feel so feminine during the act and I do with utmost enthusiasm. Regarding swallowing, I’ve never really thought about it – it just came naturally. I switch between a flat firm tongue that raises up to meet his penis, and a soft tongue that is more at the bottom of my mouth. Then I wrap around. I do swallow. There is protein and other good stuff in male semen; it’s an acquired taste and, once acquired, I found it totally addictive.

    1. Your marriage sounds like a great blessing, I pray that my wife and I get to experience the same joy for as long as you have!

      1. Your wife does not swallow for you? Seriously men need to stop letting women do less for them in bed. If she can’t swallow you should not give her oral at all, why the heck would you put her fluid in your mouth?

  28. My BF only proposed to me after i started swallowing his cum. I swallow on average about two times every day. Swallowing semen is an unspoken litmus test that men use if you want to get married or even stay married. I had 4 boyfriends and one was really serious before this, but nobody ever proposed to me until I started swallowing. With my hubby, the times i stopped for a while because I was sick, I felt like he was about to cheat on me. But then I started swallowing again and we’ve been happily married for 7 years.

    About the taste, I’ve been drinking fresh sperm almost every day and it’s actually pretty good at this point. It tastes like a mushroom fruit extract but diluted and not too much taste to it. Its just like taking cough medicine. If you take cough syrup for a cold, I think it’s worth it to take semen for health. And it keeps my relationship healthy as a bonus. My hubby is usually not in a good mood and neither am I when we don’t have time to do it. It really does keep my weight in check at about 105 lb and keeps me active too – almost like I’m taking daily energy from my hubby. Some of my hubby’s energy enters my body, and its good for my bones because it has calcium and its heavy in protein. Definite energy boost. I work in a biology lab and I’ve looked at it under a microscope. What I found is that there are studies that show eating semen is good for blood pressure and it’s good for depression. Even though I’m just one case, I definitely have not had serious depression since I started swallowing. If God made semen so good for us, why would I ever spit it out?

    It’s just a daily dose of pure love!

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