What Room Are We Going to Have Sex in Tonight? 1

Roll a six-sided die twice and consult the tables. Use the “Even” table is your first roll is even, and the “Odd” table if your first roll is odd.

First roll was even:

  1. Our bedroom
  2. Our bathroom
  3. Kitchen
  4. Living room, family room, TV room
  5. Office, computer room
  6. Laundry room

First roll was odd:

  1. A bedroom, not ours
  2. A bathroom, not ours
  3. A hallway
  4. An unfinished part of the house (basement, attic, etc.)
  5. Back yard
  6. Wife’s choice, but not from these lists
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Home Dates 2

Some of my favorite dates have been here at home. With small children, it can be hard to arrange for a babysitter and go out. Luckily kids need a lot of sleep and after the kids go to bed, the adults can play.

The key to home dates is to be intentional. Sitting on the couch together watching TV doesn’t count. Plan something! But also be flexible and allow for some spontaneity. Our last home date was so simple. All we did was make dinner and dessert together, but it turned into a memorable evening.

Remember, there are no boundaries at home. You aren’t in public, so why not turn the entire experience into a long session of foreplay? By the time the date is done (if you make it that long) you will be so hot for each other that the sex will be fantastic. A stroke here, a little suck or caress there. By the time we were done making dessert we were having so much fun with the whipped cream we practically ran upstairs.

Be romantic. Be creative. Have fun with each other! Does anyone else have ideas for home dates?

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