What Room Are We Going to Have Sex in Tonight?

What Room Are We Going to Have Sex in Tonight? 1

Roll a six-sided die twice and consult the tables. Use the “Even” table is your first roll is even, and the “Odd” table if your first roll is odd.

First roll was even:

  1. Our bedroom
  2. Our bathroom
  3. Kitchen
  4. Living room, family room, TV room
  5. Office, computer room
  6. Laundry room

First roll was odd:

  1. A bedroom, not ours
  2. A bathroom, not ours
  3. A hallway
  4. An unfinished part of the house (basement, attic, etc.)
  5. Back yard
  6. Wife’s choice, but not from these lists
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  1. Great idea to change up and spice up a couple’s love life. In my book I suggest to the husband to make memories including have a limo pick you up and drive you around to a romantic date and then make love with her in the limo on the way home. Limo drivers are very liberal about this, just be sure to tip him well for his understanding. Can you imagine the memory that this will make for the rest of your life?

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment!

      As for the bedroom… you just have to be creative! Let you kids have a “sleepover” together in one of the other rooms. No one said the random choice would be easy.

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