Extra Credit

Extra Credit 1

A note left on the kitchen counter right before the kids’ bath-time.

April 8, 2015

To: Miss Corte

Please come to my office during office hours this evening around 7:30pm. We need to discuss your midterm exam.

Signed: Professor Fury


[You haven’t been doing so well in this class, but you really need to pass! You might have slightly cheated on your midterm… hopefully the professor hasn’t figured it out.]

(For more details, see: Role-Playing: Professor and Student.)

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  1. I have to say this kind of teasing appeals to me a lot. My husband and I like to text each other things to ‘get ready’ and it helps me mentally prepare and be ready to go when we are back together and can start things! If he left me a note like this I would be all hot for him in nothing flat…actually, just thinking about it makes me want to text him…hmm… ;)

    1. We’ve been doing a little role-playing recently, but it’s not something we’re proficient at… yet :)

  2. Sounds good but I can’t see my wife doing it somehow. Also it seems as if I would be feeding an unclean thought imagining that she is a student and not my wife.

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