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Welcome Home Sex 1

Nothing says “welcome home!” like a warm embrace from your spouse. Travel can be frantic, and if you have to travel for work it can be a stress on your marriage. Sexy Corte and I are fortunate that we don’t have to travel separately all that often, but when we do the old saying definitely holds true: absence makes the heart grow fonder. Or, as Solomon wrote three thousand years ago:

Proverbs 13:12 — Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a desire fulfilled is a tree of life.

Whether you’re separated for a long time or just a couple of nights, there are lots of things that the traveler and the spouse at home can do to make the reunion extra special.

  • Sexting. Nothing gets me and SC as excited to see each other as some flirtatious texting. You can be as graphic as you like with your spouse, but we usually focus on words and not images. Telling your wife what you’re going to do to her when you get home, or your husband that you need to feel him inside you is sure to prime the pump.
  • No kids. It really depends on your logistics, but you can really get things going if the kids away or in bed when the traveler gets home. If the traveler is really missing the kids, the one at home can still get them ready for bed so that the traveler can see them before switching the couple time.
  • Food. If the kids are in bed, Sexy Corte and I usually have sex before we make time for eating. But, however you sequence things, having some food ready for your traveler will always be welcome. After the kids go to bed you can have a stay-date to celebrate your reunion and have a grown-up meal, even if the kids had chicken nuggets an hour ago.
  • Grooming. When I’m traveling I usually use the last night of the trip to shave my man bits. It’s somewhat time consuming and doesn’t need to be done very often, and we find that smooth skin makes our homecoming sex all the sweeter. You can read more at the link — husbands, if you haven’t tried it you’re missing out. Both spouses should make an effort to clean and prepare themselves for sex, before the traveler gets home if possible. Airplane travel especially feels gross, so wash your hands and face when you get off the plane and don’t walk in the door like a stinky slob.
  • Naked greeting. I love it when SC greets me naked at the door when I come home. Sometimes she can’t — darn kids! — but it’s extra-special when she does. After several days of sexting and flirting and longing, being greeted at the door by a spouse who’s ready and eager for sex is the best.
  • Bonus. If you make time to have sex right when the traveler gets home then you can do it again before bed. Bonus sex!

Do you have any tips for welcome home sex? Leave a comment!

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  1. Quite true–this past weekend travel prevented us from our normal weekend activities, and the Sunday night homecoming was pretty much straight to our room. We had been planning it for some time at that point and both were more than ready…it was awesome! ;)

    1. Were you traveling together or apart? We get pretty angsty if we’re together but can’t be *together*.

  2. Unless a husband has a lot of control he’s probably gonna go quick if it’s been a while and he’s gotten worked up. A good way to deal with this IMO is for him to have a quick O at arrival and then plan for a main event of reconnection later in the day.

    Some ideas on how to make this work (and reduce the grunge feeling):

    Wife can wear a skirt with no panties and a form fitting shirt (bonus points for no bra).

    When the husband’s arrival is imminent she can warm herself up with manual stimulation (particularly if she wants to O during the following).

    Option 1. Through Clothing.

    Air travel can indeed feel grungy and it can be hard to get fully clean before getting home. In this idea the wife greets him at the door and they manually stimulate each other to orgasm. This can even be done without removing the husband’s clothing.

    No grunge issues and the husband is able to remove the feeling of a hair trigger which increases his stamina for a main event later.

    Option 2. Welcome Home Ride.

    If intercourse is desired the best position for a quick, relatively grungyless romp is doggy style.

    Once the wife is ready the husband removes his lower clothing and lifts up the wife’s skirt to make love to her from behind.

    This position reduces body contact (less grunge) but is still very enjoyable and communicates to the wife that he is quite happy to see her.

    Note: These ideas can also be used with some modifications if it is the wife who is coming home.

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