Contest: Rename the “Advanced Cow” Position

Contest: Rename the "Advanced Cow" Position 1

It seems that many people don’t like the name of the Advanced Cow position that we mentioned in our recent post about advanced sex positions. Why do cows get a bad rap? They’re delicious! Many sexual positions names are Hindu in origin and are derived from the Kama Sutra; the cow animal is viewed much differently in ancient Hindu culture than in modern American culture.

The classic Cow is when a woman stands with her feet apart and the man enters her from behind. She then bends over until her hands touch the floor. In this spiced up version of the position, the man can hold the woman’s waist as she — calling upon ample upper body strength and muscle control — lifts her feet off the ground. Cadell said the Cow is an especially good position for less endowed men.

But anyway, let’s have a contest! Come up with a new name for the Advanced Cow and post your idea in the comments. (You can post anonymously.)

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