Advanced Sex Positions

Advanced Sex Positions 1

Men’s Journal posts a list of sex positions for athletes. The positions as described seem quite difficult and often uncomfortable; the silhouette illustrations are essential for understanding your end goal. Sexy Corte and I enjoy trying the positions we have in our books and numerous sex position websites, but most of the time the fun is in the attempt. If you decide to try a few out with your spouse, don’t be discouraged if the stranger ones just aren’t that fun to hold till you orgasm!

I think I want to try the Cross Your Heart, the Advanced Cow, and the Washing Machine.


  1. The advanced cow? Having the word cow anywhere in the vicinity of a woman with body image issues is going to be icy water on any kind of hot desire. Granted, I haven’t seen the said position, but still….. (and please forgive if this is a term you have come up with, El Fury.)

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