“Double Feature” for the Wife!

"Double Feature" for the Wife! 1

Recently El Fury did a post on his version of the double feature. In my head, every time I have 2 orgasms I think of it as a double feature. Or triple feature, etc. Husbands, when was the last time you gave your wife multiple orgasms? Tell her that is your plan for the evening and see how many “features” you can get!

Once in a while El Fury will surprise me and set up our room in a way that I know the focus is going to be on me for a while. He likes to try to set new records for number of orgasms I can have in one night. He usually gets out the wedges and the vibrator. I get to just lay back and have fun! I love knowing how much he enjoys giving me an orgasm. It adds a whole other layer to my sexual satisfaction and really makes me feel loved. Tell your wife and then show her just how much you enjoy giving her pleasure!

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  1. Sometimes my husband also tries to see how many he can give me…I agree, it makes me feel so special and loved to know that he cares enough about me to take the time to give me pleasure. He also tries to break his record :)

  2. I like the fact that you aren’t ashamed to acknowledge that you enjoy sex and know that your husband’s satisfying you is important to him. More important than a husband feeling it is his duty to push you to a new record though, is his wanting to assist you in maximizing your pleasure regardless of how many or few orgasms you have. An orgasm this is repeatedly edged for an extended time ending in an overwhelming full-body, convulsive experience may better serve you than multiple lesser orgasms. Quantity or quality needs to be determined by mutual agreement, with the individual receiving pleasure holding the tie-breaker vote. I may want to give my wife multiple orgasms trying to double or triple her usual number, but I need to be meeting her desire, not feeding my ego.

    1. “But I need to be meeting her desire, not feeding my ego”

      Well sure, it’d be a problem (and a time sink) if you kept trying to break your record every day!

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