Setting Sexual Records

Setting Sexual Records 1

Sexy Corte just posted about her wifely “double feature” and mentioned setting orgasm records… so, if you’re not too shy, leave a comment and share some records you’ve set with your spouse!

  1. Number of her orgasms in a single session.
  2. Number of her orgasms in a single day.
  3. Number of his orgasms in a single day (or session??).
  4. Duration of sex play in a single session.
  5. Duration of intercourse.
  6. Number of different locations in a single day.
  7. Favorite location other that your usual spots.
  8. Number of positions in a single session.

I’m sure there are more records you’ve enjoyed with your spouse, so leave a comment and inspire me!

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  1. We’ve “initiated” every outbuilding on our farm. One of the buildings did not have the overhead doors in place yet. One of the buildings was our refuge during a wild thunderstorm. It was so romantic to hear the rain hit the metal roof and yet we were safe and sound and enjoying it all.

  2. Nice! We don’t have any outbuildings, alas. Thanks for leaving a comment!

    I guess I haven’t figured out this blogging thing yet. Even when I explicitly ask for comments most people lurk silently. I figured that bragging about one’s sexual prowess would be a hard opportunity to pass up.

  3. Well, we’ve been married just over 2 months. So while this whole sex thing is an awesome new experience, I don’t know that we’ve set many ‘pro’ records. :)

    1. Well the point isn’t about beating anyone else, it’s just about having an awesome time with your spouse!

      I can think of at least one record we set in our first week, haha :)

  4. We don’t keep good records of such things but I suspect the record number of positions / penetrations is probably 10+. Record number of orgasms for her probably tops out at 3 but he doesn’t understand that. If you are capable why wouldn’t you keep having more? He is pretty much limited to one per day. He has to push her pretty hard to let him give her more than 1 or 2 in a session.

    The farm post makes me think of a bucket list item we want to add. The last time there was a nice rain shower we decided we wanted to go play in the back yard in the rain sometime when the kids are away. We haven’t done it yet but we are looking forward to the opportunity. A very private back yard is a necessity. We have that privacy so backyard sex is fairly common when we can get it when the kids are away. We did set a new record in the outdoor / backyard category when we did it on an unseasonably warm February afternoon when the kids were away. If only they knew, they would never play out there again :-)

    1. Sounds like a good argument for building a fence! We’ve done it on our deck, but the yard is too open.

      As for number of orgasms, Sexy Corte says it takes a lot of energy and the right state of mind. We haven’t gotten close to our record again.

  5. When we purchased our 4 acres we decided to initiate the land by going Adam and Eve along with me chasing her for her surprise. An amazing freeing and climatic afternoon. Of course the kids were at school. We think about doing it again and look forward to more initiations on virgin territory.

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