Treat Your Spouse with a Sex Menu

Treat Your Spouse with a Sex Menu 1

Create a “sex menu” to treat your spouse to a special night that really hits the spot. Your spouse will love having a bunch of delicious activities to choose from, and you’ll both be able to enjoy the anticipation all day if you share the menu in advance.

Your menu should include four courses:

  • Appetizer: I’m sure you know what kind of foreplay your spouse enjoys, so put a few of his or her favorites on the menu for the opening course.
  • Entree: The entree is the main event of the evening: it can be a favorite sex position, a game, a role-playing scenario, or whatever you want to offer your spouse.
  • Her Dessert: If Sexy Corte wants an orgasm, she always has hers before I have mine. If you’re like us, then the first dessert selection should be tailored to the wife’s orgasmic needs (unless she doesn’t choose to have one). If the wife is creating the menu as a treat for her husband, it can be especially sweet to offer to let him choose how she comes. The menu can include toys, positions, or even orgasmic vocalizations.
  • His Dessert: What better way to end your sexual meal than with the husband’s orgasm? Of course there’s the question of how he wants to come and in what position, but he can also be offered a selection of places to ejaculate: her mouth, vagina, body, butt, or whatever she’s up for offering.

Consider including a Daily Special — this should be something that… well… you aren’t eager to do every day but that is available now for a limited time only.

As for the menu itself, there are a ton of options.

  • Text or email: A wonderful distraction to receive at work.
  • Printed menu: Turn the menu into a craft and create a souvenir for your spouse — and a prop that you can use again in the future.
  • Write on your body: This option might be the most sensual: write the course selections all around your body for your spouse to find and consider.

Wives may also consider “How to Present Your Body to Your Husband For His Admiration” to play up the sexy-server angle. If you’re lucky, your husband might give you more than just a tip!

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  1. I think your ideas are great. The only caveat is when you run into someone that lacks the adventurous mentality or defaults to “why are we doing this” or somesuch

  2. Having an orgasm first doesn’t work for me. I’m good for nothing and just want to sleep afterwards. That’s why we take turns and have his or her nights.

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