Buy Your Wife a Tiara for Mother’s Day

Buy Your Wife a Tiara for Mother's Day 1

Husbands, are you looking for a Mother’s Day gift for your wife that she’ll love, but doesn’t already have? Get her a tiara! There are a million options on Amazon that can be delivered before Sunday.

Here are a few things to look for:

  • Material: Make sure it’s metal and not plastic!
  • Size: Make sure it’s sized for an adult, not a child.
  • Color: You can’t go wrong with silver with white jewels, but if your wife has a favorite gemstone you can probably find it.
  • Reviews: As always, read the reviews.

So why would you want to buy your wife a tiara instead of (yawn) flowers?

  • Make her feel special. She’s your princess, and she should dress like it!
  • She has probably never worn a tiara (except possibly at your wedding) so you know you’ll make an impression with such a thoughtful and creative gift.
  • Your kids will love it and enjoy treating her like a queen all day.
  • Just imagine how sexy she’ll look wearing it… and nothing else.

What do you think, wives?

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  1. I guess it’s sweet, but personally, I’d rather an hour long (professional) remedial massage or a mani/pedicure.
    Let me get out of the house to chill away from kids for awhile. Just think how happy I’d be coming home to a tidy house, nice and relaxed.

  2. Thanks for the recommendation! I dig the idea, and ordered one for my wife (and mother of our five kiddos) yesterday.

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