Wand Vibrator And Fingertip Technique 1

It’s amazing that God created our bodies in such an intricate way that no matter how old you are, or how long you have been married, you can still discover something new about yourself. El Fury and I have had a lot of fun doing trivia nights, and┬áduring one of these EF was playing around and we discovered something that drove me absolutely wild. Our go-to vibrator is the egg vibrator,┬ábut sometimes it’s nice to have a long, slow burn. The wand vibrator is great for this, especially during something like a trivia night where you are engaged in sexual play for a while. EF keeps the wand vibrator on me throughout the session and it builds my arousal slowly. Then, after I am highly aroused, he introduces his other hand and teases me. He doesn’t ever penetrate me, but just dances around the edges. It’s maddening! Also exciting and gets me to a point where I am begging for him. Then, he escalates it by doing the same thing with the tip of his penis. I had no idea something could drive me so crazy!

Husbands, do this for your wife. Wives, ask your husband to do this.

Enjoy each other. Discover your spouse’s body. Always be learning.

(See also: Zoom Technique.)

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