Don’t Veer Off the Path to Sex

Don't Veer Off the Path to Sex 1

The internet has completely let me down: I can’t find a video of the scene from Malcolm in the Middle that made me and Sexy Corte crack up last night. We’ve really been enjoying this show recently (thanks Netflix), and it amuses us that we now identify with the parents rather than the kids. Hal and Lois’s relationship is great. The episode we watched last night, “Malcolm’s Girlfriend”, has a scene with the parents laying in bed discussing Malcolm’s distraction by a crush:

Hal: Certain things are beyond the boy’s control. It’s his genetics. Girls, they just swoon. Sorry, what am I telling you for? You battle with it every day. There’s nothing we can do.

Lois: Oh, yes, there is! I can ground him, and I can ground him till he graduates from Harvard.

Hal: He’s gonna pull away, then we’ll have another Francis on our hands.

Lois: Are you blaming Francis on me?

Hal: No!

Lois: That’s what you said!

Hal: No, I meant that… Lois, let’s not have this veer off into us somehow not having sex tonight.

Yeah, we’ve been there before! A perfectly normal conversation somehow tricks foot into my mouth, and then my only concern is trying to steer back onto the path that was gliding towards sex.


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  1. LOVE!!!! Malcom in the Middle. We’ve been through the Netflix series 2x. We have 5 sons ourselves and let me tell you that although it’s exaggerated, the way the boys interact is kinda true. Have you seen the one where Lois imagines what it would have been like if they were all girls when the boys were fighting over a pen? Our sons loved that episode because they remembered fighting the same way over something very similar when they were younger.

    And Hal & Lois definitely have a great sex life…….

    1. We’re only on season 3 I think.

      And yes, we really like the positive presentation of Han and Lois’s marriage. They have a ton of fun together, love each other, and parent well together.

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