Code Words for Sex

Code Words for Sex 1

In response to some recent posts about the “Double Feature” a commentor raised the topic of using code words with your spouse to discuss sex in public or around your kids. For example, if Sexy Corte says “double feature” I’ll know what she means, but any other listener will simply think that we’re going to watch two movies. Here are some more code words… but to be honest, many of them will only fool children.

  • Nap time – Right… Mom and Dad are going upstairs to “take a nap”. It fools our kids while they nap or watch TV, but I wouldn’t try it when our parents are visiting.
  • Ruins – Some of our favorite times have been in ruins. When we’re feeling frisky we might say “this place looks pretty old, don’t you think?”
  • Get ice cream – This is what we call it when we drop our kids off with a friend while we go on a date. If we “get some ice cream” after dinner, well, it’s not ice cream.
  • That’s what she said – Ok, it’s a corny joke, but our kids don’t get it yet and it definitely turns our minds to sexy thoughts.
  • Hangry – Originally it meant I’m so hungry that I’m angry, but sometimes we mean horny instead.

What about you? What code words do you use with your spouse? We promise we won’t tell anyone.

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  1. Love it. I don’t get the “That’s what she said” bit. Am I missing something?
    When we are first married (pre-kids) we used to have a third course after dinner quite regularly as I remember where my dear wife would sit either clothed or naked on my lap facing me on a chair and we would have fun ‘making out’. We also ‘notice’ mistletoe when we are out walking and always stop for a kiss, even today.
    I know it’s not quite code words but I wanted to get the ball rolling. Surely someone else out there has some experiences to share.
    Thanks so much for sharing your El Fury and Sexy Corte. You are a great encouragement to imagine what could be and to know that there are people out there having great marriage-strengthening sex and talking about it together. Maybe one day. God bless you.

    1. “That’s what she said” is a joke from the TV show “The Office”. It’s basically a follow-on line to anything someone says that could be sexual. For example, if someone says, “wow that was hard” you jump in and say, “that’s what she said”. It’s pretty juvenile, but amusing.

      Thanks for sharing your “third course” vernacular!

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