Surprise Your Husband

One of my most memorable dates with El Fury involved our car, a napkin, and a skirt. We had had a crazy day with the kids and both of us needed a little break. Last minute we asked a friend to watch them so that we could get out for a few hours. I threw on a skirt and a nice top, we dropped the kids off and went out for ice cream. El Fury didn’t know that I had a little trick up my sleeve.

In the middle of our date, I wrote him a note on a napkin and slid it over to him. He unfolded it, read it, and got a sly smile on his face. The note simply said, “I’m not wearing any panties”.  He was too distracted after that, so we immediately finished our ice cream and got out of there. We drove to the nearest dead end we could find. All he had to do was pull down his pants a little, and all I had to do was hop on. We had amazing sex, definitely in my top 5!

I love it when El Fury is thoughtful and romantic. For him, and probably most men I would guess, it meant a lot to him that I thought out and planned a sexual surprise. He likes knowing that I think about and initiate a lot of our sexy time. Something so simple can go a long way. Women, think of a way to surprise your husband sexually.


  1. ‘For him, and probably most men I would guess, it meant a lot to him that I thought out and planned a sexual surprise.’ You have that SO right, SC. To a man it says some very important things that go way beyond “Oh, boy. I’m gonna get off right now..” From you he want to know, A) I think about sex. B) I like sex. C) I want sex. D) I want sex with you. AND E) I want sex NOW! Recently published a series on exactly that.

    1. And unlike a revealing top or Daisy Duke shorts, you are the only one who experiences the pleasure of knowing and showing. It’s strictly for hubby only. If a guy doesn’t feel special after that kind of effort by his wife, he needs an EKG.

    1. Even private flashings in public places, public gropings hidden by the table cloth and remote or switch controled egg vibes fall under that umbrella of a shared sexy secret. Not only is the doing sexy and hot, but so is the remembering. I have the feeling somehow you can confirm all of those bucket list items.

  2. Great site! I just found you two. I blog to married couples as well and will come back often to see what you are up to. It seems I have a lot of catching up to do.

    We have been married for forty years and the sex is still hot and more often now than when we had kids at home. You have some new “types” of fun to enjoy when there are no kids around for longer periods of time.

    My wife once planned a Hawaiian vacation in our living room (we live in PA) during a snow storm. Don’t shove the kids out the door too fast, but know for certain that things do not have to cool down with age!

    Concerning this post of yours, it is somewhat “scandalous” to share those private secrets like being with out undies. By the way fellows, she will also enjoy knowing you are not wearing any! Have fun, life is way too short to fuss and complain.

    We enjoy getting together with our children and our grandchildren but it sure is fun to enjoy each other on the trip or after we get home. Keeping the spark alive is half the fun for the intimacy in the relationship.

    Enjoy every part of your family as time flies by.

    I appreciate your frankness and the subject matter I have been able to read so far.

    Thanks for your blog.

    Jerry Stumpf

    1. Hey Jerry, thanks so much for the comment! Congrats on your 40 years of marriage, that’s awesome. We’re newlyweds compared to you. It’s great to hear that sex stays fun for decades, because the stereotype of marriage on TV is that it gets boring and stale.

      We’ll have to try that Hawaiian vacation at home sometime.

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