Best Christian Sex Links of the Day 1

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The Eager Wife — I’m still planning to write a post about enthusiasm; it’s always attractive.

My Husband Is the Best Lover I’ve Ever Had

3 Secrets to Amazing Oral Sex

Little Things, BIG Difference: Hand Holding — You already know I love holding hands during sex.

12 Ways to Ask for Sex Tonight — Nice shoes… wanna X?

Pulling Back the Curtains on 50 Shades of Grey — I’m all in favor of a little kink in your marriage, but romance novels are basically just porn for women.

Holding Hands During Sex 2

Sexy Corte pointed out something to me that I hadn’t noticed about myself: I like to hold hands during sexy time.¬†Because of positioning I’m mostly able to hold SC’s hands while we’re focused on me; while she’s climaxing her hands are usually wrapped around my neck or body. But when I orgasm, more often than not my hands are entwined with hers.

Holding hands seems somewhat mundane for a married couple, right? I mean, we touch each other all the time, and while we’re having sex we’re touching each other in all sorts of ways. And yet, holding hands is special: so innocently intimate. Sex itself is the “ultimate” connection with another person, but when you’re holding hands you know that you aren’t just props for each other to use to get off. You’re friends and lovers and¬†married.

How do you touch your spouse to increase intimacy while you have sex?