Losing Control

Losing Control 1

“I never grow tired of your sexuality.” El Fury said these words to me a few weeks ago and ever since I’ve been percolating on them. Those words make me feel alive and treasured. God wired us to be sexual and gave us a great gift of sex to be experienced in marriage. This is something to be celebrated! There have been times that I have felt self conscious of my sexuality, wondering if I look funny or sound weird or think about what EF might think of me when I give into the moment. But I think that when I allow myself to lose control, it is those moments that EF cherishes the most. It is in those moments that we feel most connected. The marriage bed is a safe place where you can let go of your self consciousness and give into your passion. For women (at least me!) this can be hard to do at times. When you are in those moments, try to follow the direction your body is telling you to go, to lose yourself, to set aside your inhibitions. Your husband loves you and wants to pleasure you and experience your sexuality!

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  1. Love this! I know I can feel self-conscious also, but my husband wants me to lose myself in him. How precious the gift God gave us.

  2. Being able to lose control is one of the best parts of sex inside a committed marriage. No need to impress or worry if you’re “doing it right” :)

  3. That’s a great message to uplift women who struggle with giving in for sure their husbands would feel their ego lift as a man

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