Podcast #023: Our Collection of Sex Toys

We’ve got a lot of sex toys, and we’ve tried them all.

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Sex Toys on the blog: https://marriedchristiansex.com/blog/category/toys/

Vibrators: https://marriedchristiansex.com/blog/tag/vibrator/

Intro to Shibari, Japanese Rope Bondage: https://marriedchristiansex.com/blog/techniques/intro-to-shibari-japanese-rope-bondage/

Bondage for Beginners: What, Why, and How: https://marriedchristiansex.com/blog/mental-techniques/bondage-for-beginners-what-why-and-how/

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  1. Excellent episode – mostly because you were real. I appreciated that you opened up and admitted that you aren’t using all of these toys all the time and that they don’t all thrill you (though they might work for other couples). I also appreciated the explanation of Shibari and the comparison to lingerie. Thanks!

  2. On the subject of cock rings, they can have a few different purposes:
    1. by compressing the base of the penis, they make an erection easier to achieve and/or firmer
    2. some rings are textured, and designed to rub against the clitoris for additional stimulation
    3. some rings can hold a small vibrator (or in some cases two) in place

    1. Maybe we just haven’t tried the right ones. The rubber stretchy kind seem too tight and uncomfortable.

      1. They can be a bit one size fits none! The slightly more expensive vibrator ones are better than the cheaper ones, and it is also possible to get adjustable rings.

  3. Last year my wife suggested getting a small vibrator and it’s been a game changer! She loves it for foreplay. Are there other ways to incorporate it?

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