Sexy Time 90s Playlist

Sexy Time 90s Playlist 1

Here’s a 90s playlist I made for sexy time. You can copy/paste the songs and artists into YouTube and even create a playlist there if you don’t own the music.

(Note: there’s lots of sexual language in these songs.)

  • “Closer” — Nine Inch Nails
  • “Smooth” — Matchbox 20
  • “Would” — Alice in Chains
  • “Everlong (Acoustic)” — Foo Fighters
  • “Possum Kingdom” — The Toadies
  • “Man in a Box” — Alice in Chains
  • “Genie in a Bottle” — Christina Aguilera
  • “Heart Shaped Box” — Nirvana
  • “Sail” — Awolnation
  • “Pony” — Ginuwine
  • “Boombastic — Shaggy
  • “Dance With Me” — Debelah Morgan
  • “Possession” — Sarah MacLachlan

What do you listen to when you have sex?


  1. Clarification: “Smooth” is by Santana, featuring Rob Thomas. I had trouble finding it in Spotify when I thought it was by Matchbox 20.

    Also, I couldn’t find “Man in a Box” by AIC, but I did find “Man in the Box” and those lyrics don’t seem very sexy at all ( But, everyone is into different stuff, so no worries if that’s what you meant.

    Try the album Within and Without by Washed Out.

    1. Thanks for the corrections! With search engines these days it’s easy to be wrong and not even know it!

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