“Would You Like to Touch My Boobs?”

"Would You Like to Touch My Boobs?" 1

Sexy Corte could tell I was getting a little stressed out over Thanksgiving weekend, but she had the perfect antidote.

“Would you like to touch my boobs?” she asked, lifting her clothes.

Yes, yes I would. And immediately I felt better.

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  1. And the Bible says in Proverbs 5 “Let her breasts satisfy you at all times andf be thou slways ravished in her love.” Ravished is just an arcane term meaing GREAT SEX! And ikn Song of Solmom she says: “that my loverlies between my breasts all night”

  2. My wife’s breasts always make me feel better. Contrary to popular culture a woman’s breasts don’t have to be massive in order to be attractive. My wife’s are small and I wouldn’t change them for the world.

    I love it when she takes her bra off and her breasts come free. More often than not my hands are all over them. I love the feeling of their softness, the light touch of her nipples on my skin, the way they move when I thrust into her, etc.

    One of things that I really like to do is take a breast and fill my mouth with it. Her small size means I can fit pretty much her entire breast in my mouth. Boy does that feel good.

    It also doesn’t hurt that breast play is a critical part of her road to orgasm. Her breasts bring both of us great delight.

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