Would You Have Sex With Your Time-Traveling Spouse?

Would You Have Sex With Your Time-Traveling Spouse? 1

You’re on your honeymoon having a great time, and your spouse decides to go for a run on the beach for an hour or so.

You hear a knock at the door. When you crack it open, you see your spouse standing there, wearing different clothes and looking slightly off.

Your spouse says, “Hello! I know this is hard to believe, but the reason I look a little strange is that I’m 10 years older and I traveled back in time. I’ve got important time traveler business to take care of, but I wanted to drop in and see you. I knew that present-me would be out on a run right now. In the future our marriage is awesome and everything turns out great for us. I really shouldn’t tell you too many details — you understand.”

You aren’t sure how to respond, but you know your spouse is telling the truth.

Your spouse continues: “Well, we’ve got almost an hour. You look great. You can’t tell present-me about any of this when I come back from my run, but don’t worry… I’ll be thrilled about this encounter in 10 years when I come up with the idea… and I’ve learned a few techniques that present-me won’t figure out for a while. Want to have sex?”

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  1. That’s a really good question….Is it cheating, or not? I think you could go ’round and ’round for hours about that. I’m not sure.

  2. Why would it be cheating… it is your spouse. Well if we have an “hour” we’d better get busy! Not sure what to think but I sure would want to rip off my spouses clothes and taste her every drop. I would hope she would have her toy box and she could put on a show for me. Then we can have a nice prayer and read scripture together and have sex some more! Leaving me panting! I have a HOT spouse!

  3. At first it would feel like cheating. After sex with my older wife I could not have sex with my younger wife right away. Then there is comparisons. There would be a desire that the younger wife learn more quickly what she would eventually learn together with her husband. There might be some dissatisfaction with the younger wife. As I look back I wish I had done many things differently. So, even thought I would be tempted to have sex with my older wife, as a wiser older person I think I would not do it.

  4. Would it be cheating? Technically, no. However, I wouldn’t be so quick to hop in bed. I’d need more information. Is he desiring something in younger me that older me no longer has (a firmer body, perhaps)? That would feel like objectification and it would feel like I was cheating on the future me. Plus, most likely his presence would force me to keep secrets from him in the present. I HATE secrets, but Satan loves them. Sexual intimacy is a very sacred act to me. I’m probably making more out of this fun little question than you meant. But, frankly, I don’t think I would have sex with future him. I would be proving that I am loyal to the husband I have in the present. Even if it’s not technically cheating, I believe it would certainly FEEL like it.

  5. It sure sounds fun and exciting, no quest about any of that. But no, I would not have sex with my future spouse. It would be cheating, cheating myself out of the opportunity to trust God! And it makes me very grateful that this is one temptation that I’ll never face!

  6. I’m with Bonny and Hopeful. It would feel too much like I was cheating on my present wife.

    I’d offer a counter proposal. I would ask future wife what she has learned over the past 10 years about what turns her on (e.g. she likes her clitoris rubbed a certain way, she likes hard and fast thrusting in standing rear entry, etc.). Then I’d say godspeed and to prepare to receive a memory she will never forget. :-)

    Then when present wife comes back from her run (and we get BC ready) I would put her against a wall, get her clothes off, and start rubbing her clitoris in just the right way. I would use all the foreplay tips I had learned to get her hot and bothered and I might take her to the edge a couple of times so that she really needs release. Then when she is near climax I would quickly turn her around and take her hard and fast from behind. That would finish things off pretty quickly for both of us. :)

    That way I don’t feel like I am cheating on present wife but future wife still gets the memory of a very steamy encounter.

  7. Looking at it a different way… If future spouse stuck around long enough for present spouse to be there as well, is that threesome then adultery?

    I’d have to argue yes, because you’re married to present spouse, not future spouse… They’re married to future you and all that entails.

    Fun thought experiment though.

  8. Kind of an intriguing question/scenario. My wife and I are both STAR TREK fans, but always groan at the time-travel plots. Anyway, realizing that this is strictly a hypothetical situation (due to unbreakable laws of science), I don’t think the opportunity would have arisen. Since on the honeymoon, if either of us were to go anywhere for an hour, the other would have gone out too, and if so inclined, we could/would have found a quiet/secluded spot to have sex. Time travel-her wouldn’t have had a chance to but-in :)

    Hypothetically, if this situation were to arise at any other time since the honeymoon, when we were apart for at least an hour, realistically I would probably say yes, since I’m very disinclined to say no to sex with my wife whenever she wants it! This would make for a fun conversation 10 years later after the opportunity for time-travel paradoxes have run out.

    Actually this could potentially be a fun one to role-play with each other… :) Maybe especially when trying out something new.

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