When My Wife Puts Her Hair Up

When My Wife Puts Her Hair Up 1

Sexy Corte has Pavlov’ed me to get turned on whenever I see her put her hair up. When we’re getting into sexy time, especially Old Faithful, pulling her hair up is usually the final bit of preparation. No matter if we’re alone or in public it really gets me going, especially when she catches my eye in the process. It isn’t just seeing her hair up that does it, it’s seeing her in the act of putting her hair up that turns me on.

Are there any non-sexual things your spouse does that turn you on?

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  1. Im really just into my wife crawling around and barking like a dog. Just seeing her act so vulnerable can usually bring me all the way to climax just by watching. Were a good christian couple with hugh standards. But when it gets to foreplay, theres nothin that gets me goin better than mynwife pretending to be a dog. I reccimsnd you try it.

    1. That is very interesting… I’m sure how SC or myself would respond to that kind of play. What does your wife think about it?

  2. Definately! Just her presence or seeing her walk into a room turns me on. When I wake up in the morning next to her and look at her does it for me!

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