The Beehive Hut

The Beehive Hut 1

If you say “Beehive Hut” around me or El Fury, you are bound to get a mysterious reaction. A knowing smile from him, maybe a blush from me. I couldn’t tell you exactly where the particular Beehive Hut in mention is actually located, but they all have a similar appearance to the one pictured.

El Fury and I went on our honeymoon exactly 6 months after we got married. As we were on a scenic drive around a beautiful coastline, we saw signs for a Beehive Hut. It sounded interesting, so we pulled over. A little old lady in a little old house apparently owned a really old historic landmark. She was charging 1 Euro, so we debated some before paying up. We were granted access to walk around her house and up a hill to the Hut.

It wasn’t anything extraordinary. The inside looked much like the outside, only very dark and quiet. We joked around about doing it inside. Our light banter led to some pretty heavy kissing, which then led to some questioning. “Really?” “Would you?” “Yeah, if you would.” “Seriously?” “What if someone walks in?” “Let’s just do it.” So we did. I bent over and El Fury took me right there. After, we composed ourselves and took a few pictures of us kissing in front. The timing was great. As we were leaving there were a few people walking up to see the Hut. We looked at each other knowingly and went on our way. We both felt it was 1 Euro well spent.

Our time in the Beehive Hut was short, but we remember it often. I think we learned a lot about each other in that moment. We are a lot more sexually daring and adventurous than I had ever dreamed we would be. This experience has spawned a whole lot of other fun sexual escapades. The vast majority of our sex life is spent in our bedroom, but the times outside the bedroom are the ones we remember the most. I think it’s important to create sexual memories with your spouse.

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  1. Absolutely, SC. I have three favorites myself. I find myself often wondering what happened to that sense of adventure. Time for summer reruns it sounds like.

  2. If you would like to share, we would love to hear your favorites! With kids and jobs it’s hard to find time. We seem to have a set date on our anniversary for “adventure sex”. Of course we hope we can make it happen more often than that!

  3. Love your story. Our top 3 would be leaning over the railing on the deck of the hotel where we honeymooned while watching the moon rise over the sea (and hoping that if anyone saw us it would just look like I was standing behind C with my arms around her), on a rock ledge next to a waterfall while hiking in the Drakensberg, with our hiking companions swimming in the pool out of sight just below us, and in our car at a secluded waterhole in a game reserve in Namibia (after sending the kids on a game drive with friends – it was a 3 week camping trip so we took turns with the kids to give each of the 3 married couples some ‘alone time’ every couple of days) where we finished up just in time before a game viewing vehicle piled with tourists arrived, narrowly avoiding giving them more ‘wildlife action’ than they may have wanted to see! We do love the thrill that comes with the possibility of getting caught, and having to try and keep quiet. When camping with the kids we often sneak into the showers in the men’s ablution blocks late at night for some quick shower action! Variety is the spice of (monogamous, married) life!

      1. Namibia is a big country and you need time to see it all. And the kids were still small when we did that trip so with leopard, lion, elephant, etc around the camp at night we had to share a tent. Hence the need to be creative (as going without for three weeks was never an option for us!). They have their own tent these days!

      2. Namibia is a big place, so you need time to see it properly. The kids were small whe we did that trip and there were lion, leopard and elephant around the camps at night, so we had to share, hence the need to get creative! (Because going 3 weeks without was never an option for us!) They have their own tent now, but thin canvas walls means we still have to be super quiet, which adds some spice of its own!

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