Steak and Sex

Steak and Sex 1

El Fury: Steak is such an easy dinner. I mean, there’s no sauce, no ingredients, nothing.

Sexy Corte: Sure.

EF: You just stick it in for eight minutes, flip, five more minutes, and you’re done.

SC: Just like sex.

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    1. I have perfected a slow cook method of preparing my steak. It starts very low and slow and I gradually turn up the heat as the juices come to the surface. I like it pink, warm, and juicy served over two buns on open palms. Direct and educational? ;)

  1. Thanks for the comments :) Steak and some red wine is the best home-date dinner.

    Sometimes I wonder if we’re the only couple whose lives are filled with “that’s what she said” jokes.

  2. Your fire is not hot enough. My steaks are done in 2.5 min per side. Nice sear and med rare. I guess that is kinda like sex at our house too. 5 min and we are done.

    1. Well it depends on the technique of course :) When we broil (or grill, now that the weather is heating up) it can go faster. Hopefully *unlike* sex!

      1. I have a wood fired brick pizza oven I cook my steaks in. So it is just over a bed of coles and well over 1000F. So 2 to 2.5 min a side is perfect. As for the sex once or twice a month means I don’t last very long.

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