“Spicy” Sex

"Spicy" Sex 1

El Fury and I have had our share of sex that I would consider outside of the box. We try a lot of different positions, we have done it outside, inside, in public, all over our house, in our car, at night, in the morning, in the afternoon, in the middle of the night. We like toys, games, props. Our sex life is pretty fun and adventurous.

Last night I realized, even with how varied our sex life is, our basic positions are always done on the same side of the bed. Missionary, Doggy-style and The Jockey is on my side of the bed. Me on top and Old Faithful is on El Fury’s side of the bed. I realized this because last night for some reason we started Old Faithful on my side of the bed, which meant that I was on El Fury’s left side. We both noticed at the same time, laughed about it and commented on how weird it felt. We decided to go with it and see if our techniques changed at all. Good news is that I am apparently ambidextrous! Somehow just by doing it differently in our bed seemed fresh. We joked about how wild our sex was.

No matter how many times you have had sex in your bed, you can always find a way to spice things up, even if it’s a mild spice. Try doing it in a different location on your bed, or halfway off your bed, or on the floor next to your bed. Your room is your sexual playground.

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  1. Well put. Sex is meant to be fun and adventurous. I wonder if some couples struggle so much in this area because they have been taught to treat sex so seriously (e.g., so-called “purity” culture) that it doesn’t click in their brains that its supposed to be a fun game with their spouse.

    An analogy I like to use is that marital sex is supposed to be like a game of American football. Different teams have different offensive schemes but one thing they have in common is that they run more than one type of play.

    How exciting would it be if the only play the offense did was a run up the middle? Sure it can be explosive at times and be a mainstay play but if its run the same way over and over its less exciting and
    easier to stop.

    Sex is the same way. It needs variety to remain exciting.

    Some couples don’t need that much variety and one type of sex works for them the majority of the time (to continue the football analogy think triple-option offense where they rarely throw the ball).

    Others (like you and El Fury) go all out and have a ton of variety in lovemaking (you two do RPOs, slants, toss plays, deep balls, flea-flickers, and everything else on a Steve Sarkisian or Lane Kiffen playbook, LOL).

    God has made us all with unique sexual desires and appetites to be shared and combined with our spouse’s. He has created a vast amount of variety and permutations of sex for married couples to enjoy.

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