Roll-All-The-Dice Naughty Story Table

Roll-All-The-Dice Naughty Story Table 1

This is a sequel to the Random Sex Adventure Table and also requires some polyhedral dice. If you don’t have the dice, let our website generate a random naughty story for you! (Printable Random Naughty Story Table PDF.)

The purpose of this table is to prompt your imagination. You can use it to create fantasies to play out with your spouse, or follow the prompts to create a sexy story as foreplay. Write the story for your spouse in an email, or whisper it in her ear.

If you have any ideas for items to add to any of the tables please leave them in the comments!


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  1. I’m feeling stupid about the instructions. What do you mean “Man sees x, goes to y, does z”. Everything has numbers, not letters. So, I have no idea how to play. :D Help me understand.

    1. Oh sorry, I can see how that’s confusing! The point is that the point of view is randomly determined: first-person, second-person, or third person.

      A story written from the first-person point of view is written like this: “I put on my hat, got in my car, and drove to the airport.” The story is written from the narrator’s point of view using the first-person pronoun.

      Second-person point of view: “You pun on your hat, get in your car, and drive to the airport.” The narrator is telling the reader what the reader is experiencing.

      Third-person point of view: “The man puts on his hat, gets in his car, and drives to the airport.” The narrator is telling about the activities of a person other than herself or the reader.

      Does that make sense?

        1. I added some more explanatory text to the random story generator, but it’s hard to fit much in the die table.

          Have you tried using it with your husband yet??

  2. This seems like a fun idea, but I’m not getting the instruction either, in general. Are there clearer instructions as to how to play this somewhere? I opened every link w/o finding any. and it is physically impossible to have 4-sided dice…

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