“Is it okay if I imagine you naked?”

“Is it okay if I imagine you naked?” 1

From “Kafka on the Shore” by Haruki Murakami:

“Is it okay if I imagine you naked?”

Her hand stops and she looks me in the eyes.

“You want to imagine me naked while we’re doing this?”

“Yeah. I’ve been trying to keep from imagining that, but I can’t.”


“It’s like a TV you can’t turn off.”

She laughs. “I don’t get it. You didn’t have to tell me that! Why don’t you just go ahead and imagine what you want? You don’t need my permission. How can I know what’s in your head?”

“I can’t help it. Imagining something’s very important, so I thought I’d better tell you. It has nothing to do with whether you know or not.”

“You are some kind of polite boy, aren’t you,” she says, impressed. “I guess it’s nice, though, that you wanted to let me know. All right, permission granted. Go ahead and picture me nude.”

“Thanks,” I say.

Try this with your spouse and leave a comment to tell us how it goes.

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  1. Me: “Is it ok if I imagine you naked?”
    Sexy K: “Of course, why?”
    Me: “I have been trying to keep from imagining that but I can’t”
    Sexy K: “GOOD”

  2. It would have been nice to hear the content of the original quote. Were the two of them married, engaged, or just dating? It would be a strange thing to ask a spouse. What do you think of a non-married person asking that?

  3. I think if I asked my DH if I could imagine him naked, he would just give me a funny look before undressing and telling me now I didn’t have to imagine it!

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