Naked Marco Polo

Naked Marco Polo 1

Since Sexy Corte just brought up our Sexy-Time check list I may well elaborate on our game of Naked Marco Polo. In case you aren’t familiar with the family-safe version of the game, the basics are simple: one person is blindfolded and has to catch the other; whenever the seeker says “Marco”, the evader has to say “Polo”. Then you run around the room taking turns trying to catch each other and escape.

Naked Marco Polo is much more fun, because the seeker gets a reward when he catches the evader. For Sexy Corte and I, the rewards started with 30 seconds of foreplay for the seeker: some licking, rubbing, kissing, or whatever the seeker wanted. Then we handed off the blindfold and swapped roles.

We were playing in the Sex Room (i.e., the Master Bedroom) and it was pretty easy to catch each other. The rewards quickly turned into sex, and the game ended in a predictable fashion. A good time was had by all, but next time we play we may have to use the whole house after the kids go to sleep.

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  1. Do.Not.Trust.The.Kids.To.Stay.Asleep. I had a ten year old wake up and think his Mommy was in pain or being hurt. He sneaked out of the house, told a neighbor who called the police who sent a cruiser with a male/female partner team to respond. It didn’t take a lot of explaining on our part since she had no bruises and I’m sure it was a great story around the district station. He is now married and has never talked about it with us. Scarred for life I guess.

    1. That must be Worse Case Scenario, hm? It depends on how old your kids are, to be sure. Music or white noise would help mitigate this problem, but there’s no way to prevent your kids from knowing that you’re having sex other than to not do it when they’re in the house. And that’s ridiculous!

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