Intimacy While Sick, Part 3

Intimacy While Sick, Part 3 1

(Part 1, Part 2)

After getting a fever four days ago and testing positive for COVID three days ago, I think my condition is finally starting to improve. My terrible sore throat is waning and my nasal congestion is waxing, which I think is a good sign. Sexy Corte is still uncomfortable and coughing a lot, for going on three weeks now.

One thing we’ve realized through this period of illness is that being sick affects our libidos very differently. When Sexy Corte is sick her libido goes into hibernation, but being sick doesn’t lessen my libido much at all. The medicine I take (especially pseudoephedrine) might make it difficult to get or maintain an erection, but it’s not for lack of desire.

For me, tender and nurturing sex is very comforting when I’m sick. Two days ago we were able to do a very vanilla wife-on-top encounter that was wonderfully intimate despite our sicknesses. We both orgasmed and then we cuddled for a while with Sexy Corte laying on top of me. It was really nice, even though we’re not kissing again for fear of additional infection.

Many people crave sexual novelty, excitement, and adventure, but don’t miss out on the blessing of sex that is healing and nurturing.


Commenter “Andrew DEDMAN” says:

What is wrong with you. Intimincy isn’t it a given . we don’t have to have realtions on a calender.

I’m not entirely sure what this comment means, but I’ll try to address it anyway.

Intimacy in marriage isn’t a given — it takes work and investment, even when times are tough. “In sickness and in health.” We’ve decided to cultivate a habit of daily sex in our marriage. We don’t have sex every single day, but when we don’t have sex it’s because we’ve decided not to. We expect to have sex every day.

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    1. If you’re asking “what is wrong wit you” on *their website you should be asking yourself what is wrong with you. If you don’t like their content, quietly move on like a respectful person. Personally, I get a lot out of their content and love the idea of maintaining intimacy while sick. My husband and I have never done that.

    2. I don’t understand your comment, but I’ll do my best to reply to it.

      “What is wrong with you.” — We’re sick and not feeling good, but we still want to cultivate intimacy in our relationship.

      “Intimincy isn’t it a given” — That’s right, you have to work at it.

      “we don’t have to have realtions on a calender.” — True, but we have built up a habit of daily sex that is very beneficial for our relationship. We don’t have sex every day, but the *expectation* is that we will. If we don’t have sex it’s because we’ve decided not to.

  1. Polite retort to the commenter:

    It is better to practice great habits instead of not so great ones.
    It might not be all the time but that is a great goal to shoot for. A positive competition of sorts.
    To out do others, perhaps?

  2. I love that daily sex is your goal! My wife and I have a similar goal, although when we don’t have sex is usually because she, not we, decided not to. We really should be trying to have sex as often as possible as married couples. There will come a time in life when sex will no longer be an option and do we really want to go through marriage regretting that we didn’t have sex more often when we were young and healthy? Also, I feel your frustrations about being sick, I was sick right before Christmas and we didn’t have any sex or kiss for 3 days, which was our longest stretch of the year. This just reinforced my desire for daily sex when healthy. Hope you can get healthy and back in action soon.

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