“Do You Want to Watch Me Shower?”

"Do You Want to Watch Me Shower?" 1

Sexy Corte: “I’m going upstairs to take a shower.”

Me: “Ok.”

SC: “Are you going to come?”

Me: “I already showered.”

SC: “Maybe you could just watch me shower.”

So I quickly carried the chair from our bedroom to the shower and took off my clothes to enjoy the show.

This was something new for us. We’ve been talking about masturbation recently, mostly about me wanting to watch her touch herself and masturbate. Here, Sexy Corte invited me to touch myself while I watched her shower, and she put on a great show for my entertainment! She enjoyed watching me watch her and touch myself, and she definitely got into the role. She didn’t go for an orgasm (she’d had one that morning) but I did.

So what worked?

  • She invited me. How could I say no?
  • She showed off her body to me without embarrassment. Sexy Corte pressed herself up against the glass and positioned herself to give me a great view while she washed.
  • She touched herself. It was very sexy to watch Sexy Corte rub her hands all over her body.
  • She pleasured herself with the shower head. This was the hottest part to me: her involuntary eye-rolls, shudders, and moans when she applied the shower head to her lady bits.

Overall this was quite a fun experience and I look forward to trying it again. I also look forward to playing more with the shower head.

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  1. Moments like these are what scream deep intimacy between a husband and wife. It never ceases to amaze me why so many married christian couples do not realize moments like these caring over for years making the relationship stronger! So proud of you both! BLESSINGS!!!

    1. I agree! Many people seem to be very reserved even with their spouse. Sexuality within marriage is such a tremendous blessing, we hate to see anyone miss out.

  2. I know neither of y’all are probably Catholic, but have y’all done any reading or research on masturbation in traditional Christianity? I’m all about foreplay with the wife but this doesn’t seem the same

    1. Hi, thanks for the question. Many churches and denominations have teachings about masturbation, but the Bible doesn’t speak to it directly. Some people point to the story about Onan and claim that masturbation is a sin, but that story doesn’t actually have anything to do with masturbation and doesn’t even involve masturbation. Onan’s sin was having sex with his sister-in-law but avoiding his cultural obligation to provide children for his dead brother.

      You should follow the leading of the Holy Spirit in your life. As we write in “Can we *BLANK*?”, we believe that all sexual acts are permissible to married couples as long as they 1) involve only the married couple, 2) are consensual, and 3) are part of a mutually satisfying sex life.

      1. Another angle of the Onan story is that by avoiding his cultural obligation to provide children for his brother (and ultimately to take care of Tamar in her old age) he was basically using her for his own sexual pleasure and then discarding her. I think that was a reason (and might be the main one) that God killed him.

        A sexual encounter between loving spouses where the semen is ejaculated someplace other than the vagina is a completely different situation.

  3. Dang. I need to look into getting a detachable shower head. LOL

    It’s great fun to masturbate while watching your spouse when they are in the shower or getting dressed. Even small interactions where a spouse puts on a brief show but neither spouse wants to go for an O can keep the fire burning.

    Some ideas for adding to your scenario:

    1. Have the wife go all the way to orgasm.

    2. Have the husband join the wife in the shower and bring her to orgasm. Then the husband can masturbate (or have the wife do a handjob) to orgasm and ejaculate on his wife’s body (already being in the shower makes cleanup a breeze for the wife).

    3. I am a big fan of “tease and please”. In this idea the husband can’t enter the shower (or climax if masturbating outside) until the wife gives the okay. This allows the wife to be pleasured not only by what she is doing physically but also how her body and actions impact her husband.

    A great ending to such a scenario would be for the wife to brace herself against a suitable surface, stick out her behind, and invite the husband to take her in standing rear entry. (funny aside: In my head I called this the “Thunk, Thunk, Thunk, Ohhh” scenario as I can’t imagine most husbands lasting too long. lol)

    1. Definitely good ideas! There’s a lot that can be done here, and you have to shower *anyway*!

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