Christmas Eve Sex

Christmas Eve Sex 1

Christmas Eve is always a whirlwind for parents: Christmas Eve dinner, visiting with family, Christmas Eve service, putting excited children to bed, setting up presents, and finally falling into bed exhausted. Well this year Sexy Corte and I tried something different… we managed to get all that important stuff done by around 9pm and then made time to have Christmas Eve sex on the floor in front of the Christmas tree.

You might think that sex is a big divergence from Christmas’ spiritual focus and all that family activity, but actually it was quite convergent for us. Our marriage is the foundation of our family and a critical part of our spiritual life, and sex is a linchpin of our marriage. (Linchpin: a central cohesive element.)

Having sex in front of the Christmas tree with Christmas carols playing in the background was a uniquely intimate and spiritual experience we could share after the business and responsibility of the day. It was a way for us to relax and take pleasure in each other while looking forward to the joy of Christmas Day. The sacredness of Christmas and the sacredness of our marital sex intermingled to bless us and glorify God.

It was a very intimate experience, as evidenced by Sexy Corte reading my mind. When she was close to orgasm she said, “After I come I know you’re going to have me turn around and face the tree so we can do it doggy style and you can get that image in your head.” And she was right! Sexy Corte face-down and butt-up in front of the tree is now one of my favorite Christmas memories

We hope you and your spouse and family had an awesome Christmas. May God bless you, your marriage, and your sex life in this season.

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  1. Sounds like fun. We always used to set up “Christmas Camp” for a night of sexy fun under the tree before we had kids. Although now i can just imagine our teenagers sneaking down for a snack and getting an eyeful. So not so much anymore. Maybe this is how we will kick off our inaugural empty nester year which hopefully isn’t too far off in the future. Thanks for a stirring up a good memory and Happy New year!

  2. Its awesome that you guys were able to do this.

    Sometimes when sex during Christmas is discussed it is couched in terms of “what a great gift it would be for the husband”. I really liked that you made clear that SC was sexually satisfied in this encounter. God designed sex to be mutually pleasurable. As a loving husband I want to give to my wife. I don’t want it to be all about me.

    For me being able to give and receive sexual pleasure as well as deepen intimacy with my wife would be the best Christmas present ever.

    “Sexy Corte face-down and butt-up in front of the tree is now one of my favorite Christmas memories”

    For a lot of husbands this would be exactly what we want for our “present”. Electronic devices, tools, games, etc. pale in comparison to the gift of our wives trusting us with their bodies and inviting us to make love in one of the most passionate positions.

    Throw in a little vocalization and us husbands would be in heaven.

    1. Yeah I agree with everything you said! Giving my wife pleasure is very pleasurable to ME. And I’m happy to receive “interesting” sexual favors as gifts :)

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