“I Can’t Pay You, But Maybe We Can Work Something Out”

"I Can't Pay You, But Maybe We Can Work Something Out" 1

Reader “RN” sends in this story:

We had a very bad ice storm hit Oklahoma earlier this week if you haven’t heard. Sadly, we lost our massive and beautiful oak tree out front. I spent most of yesterday cutting it up. Afterwards when I came inside to take a shower my wife was waiting for me in her sexy robe. She said, “Sir, I’m afraid I can’t pay you for your chainsaw work, but maybe we can work something out”…

…that was the quickest shower I ever took!

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  1. Good for her! My daughter kept track of our steps while dragging limbs my husband cut up and it equaled 10 miles of walking over 2 daysโ€”and 2 days did not finish it all. No energy left for fun at the end of those days, but we managed to have fun in the mornings before beginning again. Priorities must be kept!

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