Bifecta: Television and Casual Oral Sex

Bifecta: Television and Casual Oral Sex 1

This post is also available as a podcast: Podcast #012: The Bifecta – Combining Sex With Another Activity

We’ve written about the trifecta previously — as inspired by Seinfeld: sex + food + television. This post is about the sex + television bifecta. We don’t watch a lot of television, but it can be a nice way to relax after the kids are in bed if we’re not up for a game or something more edifying. We’ve historically had mixed results combining sex and television, as I wrote:

Normally what this Bifecta means to us is that one of us starts twiddling with the other after we’ve finished our ice cream. I personally love watching television while SC plays with me, but when the roles are reversed she gets very antsy and frustrated. Usually we end up pausing the show and having sex, which is why I say the results are mixed.

However, great news! I think we’ve discovered the best way to combine television and sex: casual blow jobs. What do I mean by casual? Simply that the goal isn’t an orgasm. Sexy Corte is always generous when I suggest something new, and she agreed to lay on the couch with her head on my stomach while we watched a sitcom on Netflix, and she licked and nibbled and sucked through a whole episode. We talked and laughed together as we watched, and I was able to pet her hair and rub her back while she did her thing.

Frankly, it was pretty amazing: intensely erotic and intimate. With the focus on intimacy rather than orgasm we escalated slowly and were able to enjoy two aspects of togetherness at the same time: erotic touch and humorous conversation. By the end of the episode I was obviously ready to explode.

As you’re reading this you might be thinking: well, that’s pretty one-sided. True. Sexy Corte was sexually out of commission that evening, but like I said, she’s generous. I’m excited to see if I can find a way to casually play with her without driving her up the wall with frustration. (Update: Use the Zoom Technique on your wife while watching television.)

Do you have any suggestions for casual sexuality? Extended eroticism without the goal of an imminent orgasm?

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  1. My wife and I do something similar. Sometimes when I am wanting to touch her and explore her body, she inevitably wants to watch her show. We compromise and I give her a massage while you she lies naked on the floor. There are two parts to this: One I get to touch, lick and kiss all over her girl parts and second she gets to watch her show without me talking and interrupting her.

    1. Thanks for the comment! That’s a good point… your wife can watch whatever she wants, and you’re both happy :)

  2. I personally really enjoy it when my husband plays with/strokes my hair, back, shoulders, etc. But I’m going to have to agree with SC that I don’t really like the more intense play while I’m trying to do something else. DH likes to rub my breasts and he’ll do it while we’re watching a show almost absentmindedly. After a couple minutes they’re sensitive and then having the same motion with nothing else just hurts. I mean–I like stimulation there as much as the next woman, but it has to vary a little. I also agree that it is super distracting and I wish he would either touch me in a pleasurable (hair, shoulders, etc.) way that is not so arousing/erotic, so I can focus on what we’re watching and just enjoy the casual pleasure, or else stop the show and do something serious! Must be a woman thing :)

  3. We have done pretty much the same thing. We put lots of blankets and pillows on the floor, she turns on her show or movie and then when she’s good and comfortable, I nuzzle up against her furry pussy and spread her labia and get my face good and wet so I can smell her scent the rest of the day. She loves the attention without the interruption. I just work on her as she climaxes and take my sweet time pleasuring her. She has a sweetness that is intoxicating. The longer I lick her and stimulate her the larger her clit gets and it gets so large that I can suck the tip into my mouth while I continually flick it with my tongue and this sends waves of orgasmic bliss. We do this a couple times a month and it has done wonders for us. Hen the football season starts she will do the same thing for me, suck my cock while I watch the game and she can keep it up for the entire 4 hours. She worked hard to get to this point and I reward her every chance I can. She is a real blessing and she just loves oral, she always lets me cum in her mouth because I told her when we first met that it is the most satisfying and intense feeling to go all the way through orgasm without pulling off, I lose so much of the sensation that way and she’s willing to make it the best she can for me. Sometimes she scores more points than the game total. And then we’ll have intercourse during the halftime. She’s an awesome wife.

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