Updated Vision and Mission for Married Christian Sex Ministry

Updated Vision and Mission for Married Christian Sex Ministry 1

Sexy Corte and I have updated the Vision and Mission for the Married Christian Sex Ministry, which primarily consists of this blog. This may not be of interest to many readers, but we want to share our thinking and get feedback if you have any ideas!

The Vision describes what we want to be and accomplish. The Mission describes how we will make our vision a reality.


The Married Christian Sex Ministry will glorify God, edify the institution of marriage, and encourage married couples to nurture and grow their sex life together.


  • Explain how Biblical concepts can be applied to sex in marriage.
  • Share fun, exciting, and challenging sex ideas for couples to try.
  • Encourage married couples to invest in their sex life to make it the best it can be through honest communication and bold action.
  • Answer questions from readers with Bible-based sex advice, and pray for readers and their marriages.

This blog has received over 3.5 million views since we started exactly six years ago! That’s not huge, but we’re still very excited to see and hear how God is using this ministry to build up marriages. Thank you for being part of it.

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  1. I like the vision and mission. Its quick and simple. I love the idea that you share your thoughts and experiences that are based God’s word. Thank you for your service and time to help us work to become a better.

  2. I second what Tom said.
    I enjoy reading about new ideas for sexual intimacy. I know it has helped me to be more open and giving in my marriage. Thank you for your ministry.

  3. I sent you a request for help recently, but I think I gave you an incomplete email address. My apologies. If you have the time to respond, I’m sending this message with my correct email address.

    Warm regards and thanks

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