Some Less Explicit Links You Can Share With Your Friends

Some Less Explicit Links You Can Share With Your Friends 1

Did you know that the world’s top ten websites attract more than 60% of all internet traffic, and that the share of readers captured by the top 1,000 sites is growing every month while other websites shrink?

I mention these oh-so-exciting statistics because it really means a lot to us when our readers share our site with their friends. We don’t run ads to attract new readers, and we don’t have ads here on our site. We link to lots of other blogs but we get very few links in return (please tell us if you link to us!). We don’t sell anything or partner with affiliates; we don’t want your money. We don’t want fame or recognition, which is why we’re pseudonymous.

Our only purpose with this blog is to glorify God by edifying marriage and encouraging married couples to have awesome sex. Sexy Corte and I view this website as one of our primary ministries. By God’s grace we’ve reached way over 4 million people — thousands per day — and we’ve personally helped many hundreds of readers.

The only way we can reach new people is for you to share our site. Search engines send people looking for advice on sex and marriage to the same ten or hundred places every time, and they aren’t Christian resources.

We understand that sharing a sex site with your friends might be awkward! Here are a few links you can share that aren’t as explicit as most of our site.

Thanks for reading this far! We hope our blog and podcast are a blessing to your marriage.