Our New Look

Our New Look 1

You may have noticed that we’ve changed the visual style of the blog. We want our site to be as readable and engaging as possible, so what do you think? Do you like the new look?

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  1. i like all the white space. It’s not all cluttered with widgets. The type is also larger and easier to read.in the default setting. I have been wanting to change mine but some I have sampled don’t maintain the formatting and page composition with the images I have. I really don’t want to spend days going back and recomposing all my past posts or find I don’t have some functionality I now have. This is the type of thing I would like though.

    1. Thanks! Yeah, we wanted something that’s readable but a little less plain than the vanilla style. I think your site looks pretty good as it is.

  2. I just wish it were more readable without having to magnify it. Did you know you can easily do that on many sites and pages by holding down control while rolling the mouse wheel forward and back? To go back to the default size, key control-0 (zero).

    1. Yeah, I use that trick a lot on my TV.

      If you’re familiar with CSS at all you can go to your WordPress dashboard and go to Appearance->Edit CSS and then edit the stylesheet to increase your font size for your blog.

      1. Thanks. I have been reading up on that and am about to do it. Concerned about it jacking the copy spacing around images still. I need to find a way to audition it, so to speak. I would hate to try it and not be able to go back to default without is screwing things up.

        1. Well, you can just comment out or delete the stylesheet change if you don’t like it. It shouldn’t be a big deal, because I expect you’ll only have to make changes in one place. Also, always make a backup of any files you change :)

        2. So how do you promote your site, anyway? I’m new to this and we’re posting here pseudonymously, so it’s hard to figure out how to get anyone to read it.

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