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Anonymous Comments Enabled 1

It strikes me that people may be reluctant to leave comments on a sex blog if they have to register or use a name and email address. Because we love hearing from our readers, we’ve enabled anonymous comments in an effort to foster more discussion. We’ll see how it works!

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  1. I’ll be the first. I have a pet peeve regarding the world of Christian sex bloggers.

    Right now, a couple blogs have criticized other bloggers for being more open, explicit, or the idea of “Christian erotica”, that is, novels/stories written involving married couples. These criticisms have taken on a holier than thou approach.

    What irritates me about this criticism is not the fact someone is not comfortable with the notion of Christian erotic, but that they actually think there is a dime’s worth of difference between blogging (often in great detail) about sexuality and a STORY about the same sexuality.

    The hypocrisy is annoying and I think it undermines a sex-positive Christian view of the world, that these same bloggers are trying to promote.

    You do a great job here (I”m a bit of a lurker) as do some other sites but wanted to get that off my chest.

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment!

      I’ve seen some of these discussions, but don’t have much to say about “Christian erotica” I guess. I think that your spouse should be the nexus for your sexual appetite. I’ll ask Sexy Corte what she thinks, because I doubt she’s seen any of these posts.

      We have gotten some minor flak for being too explicit in some of our earlier posts, but we (mostly I) have tried to pull it back a notch. I don’t (often) go out of my way to offend people, but I’m also not good at walking on eggshells. SC is much more empathetic than I am.

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