Sex Q&A: How Do I Get My Wife to Shave “Down There”?

Sex Q&A: How Do I Get My Wife to Shave "Down There"? 1

This comes from reader “PL”:

Any suggestions on how to get my wife to shave “down there”? She tried once when we were first married, but she said it itched SO bad that she’d never do it again.

I LOVE giving her oral…but sometimes the jungle is unbearable.

I recently read that introducing new activities to your spouse is like “breaking in a horse”. The concept is that you try something a little bit at a time until it becomes comfortable. Then you go a bit further. Is that how to approach this, or…?

Her other two comments/objections about shaving are: 1) she would look like an adolescent (which I never thought about until she mentioned it, and that’s something I wish I could erase), or 2) that I must have seen the idea somewhere (porn or whatever). So I was quite disheartened because all I wanted was a nicer landscape to traverse… not anything weird.

Any help/suggestions/insight would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for the email! You know, I understand because I also don’t like to shave all the way. However, I have found that if I remove everything except a “landing strip” it is a lot more comfortable. This is also called a “French” style, and it leaves a strip of hair visible in front. Hair is removed from the areas you need to clean, but left on the area where I find shaving to be most bothersome and itchy. It might be a good compromise for her. Like you said, she can remove a little bit of hair at a time based on her comfort level.

You should also definitely explain to her that hair gets in the way with oral — it can be very distracting, especially when it gets stuck in your teeth! I feel the same way when El Fury hasn’t shaved for a while and I’m licking his balls. As an added bonus, El Fury and I have both experienced greater sensitivity after we shave. Your skin feels so clean and smooth, your spouse’s touch or tongue feels amazing!

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  1. My husband and I came across a product that made a HUGE difference when he shaves me. Previously I would get the bumps, terrible itching during regrowth, etc. However, with the Coochy Shave Creme (seriously, that’s what it’s called) I don’t get any of that. We asked the clerk at the toy store for a product and it’s what he recommended; he said he actually uses it to shave his face. Just a suggestion since It’s made a huge difference for us.

    1. Hey R, thanks for the recommendation! We just use soap in the shower. This might be something to try out!

  2. If you are feeling irritated by shaving, you can always shave with the grain of your hair. This will keep those bumps from coming up as much. You won’t get as close of a shave that way, but it will get all of the hair out of the way. You could also use a beard trimmer or something if you want to just go real short, without skin contact.
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  3. My husband and I are in our forties and we both are shaved completely bare. Regular exfoliation prevents ingrown hairs. Also, there is a product called “Tend Skin” that works really well at taking care of razor burn, ingrown hairs etc. The only time we experienced irritation was when we first started shaving. The skin just needed time to get used to the razor and being hair free (just like any other part of your body). But we’ve been bald for so long now that we never have any problems with irritation or anything else. I shave my pussy the same time I shave my legs. Hubby shaves his cock and balls every 2-3 days. Don’t give up! Keep shaving! If you haven’t tried being totally bald, give it a whirl. Seriously!! IT”S AWESOME!! I absolutely love it!! I won’t ever have bush again! Personally, I think a bald pussy looks way better than one with bush (though I could see the little landing strip looking cute too). And I love my husband’s bald cock! Looks good and so much more fun to play with! :-)

  4. I have brought this up with my wife. Instead of her shaving her self, I shave her. This is a intimate experience for the both of us. She says she feels very sexy when she is bare.

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